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  1. hi Fusion Chart Team, Your chart component is great is working correctly when it renders in flash. Recently, my boss ask me to test if it works on ipad's safari. Refer to the attached image, the main chart scales to 250% when it should scale to 110%. Attached is my html source for you to replicate the bug. Pls get the highcharts dev team to fix this ASAP. chart_source.htm
  2. hi all, i m currently plotting a stack column chart + 1 line series using the StackedColumn2DLine chart. my boss wants to hide the line by default and only show it when clicking on the legend icon. is it possible? regards,
  3. Chart Does Not Fill Up The Cell

    Hi Ansu, the strange part is that the chart will scale with the width specified in % like 200% without me specifiying the width of the DIV. It only the height that doesnt seems to work which leads me to think that it could be a bug? sincerely hope that you can look further into this matter. regards,
  4. hi, i am specifying '100%' for both width and height when rendering the chart. but the chart generated does not fill up the whole page. can anyone help? attached is the html code src.htm