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  1. Hello. I am so sorry to say we have to hurry up to complete our project and we decided to not buy again your product. We have found a open source chart library that works also with iphone/ipad for the gauge component named Rgraph. Regards.
  2. Hello. I am so glad to say your links are wrong. The first and the second go to the overview page, in fact any wrong link goes to overview, try: The last one is a link to the old documentation, recent versions of amcharts do not use setDataXML(strXML). You changed it to setXMLUrl(strXML). If I use old method no request is done and it paints no gauge. At least with the new command it shows the gauge the first time... Regards.
  3. Hello. Sorry i want to mean when through javascript i want to load new data in the chart (changing the url params and loading the gauge again). Regards.
  4. Hello. In our organization we buyed two years ago a license for fusion widgets. Recently we try a new version of the angular gauge working good with one exception. It can not do asynchronous data change like the previously licensed version. The evaluation version can not do asynchronous data updates? If we buy a new license the angular gauge will work good with asynchronous data updates? Our update code is: var chartObj = FusionCharts( "myChartId" ); chartObj.setXMLUrl(UrlGauge); Regards.