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  1. Javascript Performance Ie8

    Any response on this? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am having a lot of problems with the performance of the javascript version of FusionCharts/PowerCharts using the new release XT and Internet Explorer 8-Windows 7. Most of my charts are rendering very slowly with IE8 whereas they work perfectly fine with other browsers (I haven't tried IE9). When I have multiple charts on the page IE8 often hangs completely. If I revert to the older version of FusionCharts it performs perfectly well! All of my charts suffer in IE8 but here is an example using MSBar2D. I would usually have 3 similar reports on a page. slow_example.xml Thanks, Mark
  3. Hello, I'm having some issues with the Zoom Line chart javascript fallback. It appears that the zoom functionality isn't working at all since the new version (FusionCharts XT) was released. The old version used to work OK for me. In fact, the problem even seems to exist for the charts in your gallery (e.g. http://www.fusioncha....asp?zoomline_2). These charts will not zoom when I turn off flash.