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  1. Editing Existing palette/Color Theme

    Thx... will chk it out...
  2. im not a expert in coding... still i could not load it... any sample plz..... :ermm:
  3. Editing Existing palette/Color Theme

    where is the palette=" 1/2/3/4/5.... " is specified ????? i could see only the default colors in that file. when i enter palette ="4" i get some Redish Brown effect in my charts... how to i change those color theme... ? where is it specified ? could u mention in which file and line no ? / variable name ? / function name ?? :exclamationmark:
  4. Hi is it possible to use fusion charts inside Ms Access 2007 ? if yes how ?
  5. Grouping x-axis ? is it possible ???

    NO i we are already using [ ] i need to add one more Text Filed to display as Group... Eg : is shown in above image. [ i have edited the image in image editor and placed the Group1...Group2.. ]
  6. Hi can we group the x-axis value like this ??? i have created a Mockup screen below.. is this possible ? if yes HOW ?????
  7. NO one have tried like this ??? OR this functionality available or not ??????
  8. Hi i need the lables to adjust accordingly when it overlaps... u can see the preview below... is there any option to auto adjust.. so the values are visible..
  9. Decimal points inside Gauge

    cool... works grt...
  10. Decimal points inside Gauge

    can u send me the tag for it ??
  11. Hi need to use Decimal points inside the gauge... is it possible ????
  12. Hi how to load a specific node from a xml and pass it to chart.... Need to do in FLASH Action Script.... any one tried ??? is it possible ? xml is given in attachment.... sample.xml
  13. Hi How do i edit the existing palette in the FLA / as files. May i know in which files they are coded ? so i can change the color codes to my needs. any one tried ??
  14. Changing the size of chart in runtime

    cool..... i did not chk that code """"" className = chart name """"" inside every button click.. PText.text is just my own reference... im not goin to show it anywhere... thx again.....
  15. Changing the size of chart in runtime

    i made it some how.... and work fine now.... Declared some variables.. added this in Max button i know this is not the correct way to CODE... if some one knows a better method... plz post here...