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  1. Drill Down In Line Chart

    Hi I am using Line chart . I want implement drill down in line chart but the Link parameter is not supported by Line chart i think. Is there any way to implement drill down on clicking the line charts? I know zoom Line chart is available where we can drill the line by using the zoom lens over the chart. However we need drill in bar charts. Please give me a solution. Thanks & Regards D.Aadithan
  2. Image Saver On Server

    I am not exporting as PDF I am trying to save as jpg only
  3. Image Saver On Server

    Dear admin We are using fusion chart in our application. Recently i have received image saver dll from your support team to save the chart images in server and we have to include tat in report for users. The problem is it is working fine in our dev environment but while deployed in server PDF click leads to page crash or binding some junk characters in browsers. On analaysing we have found that there is problem in saving a image on server. May be access rights issues we have tried all way to set access rights but nothing work. Please give me a solution how to handle it. We are using II7 , Framework 4.0 VS2010 etc Thanks
  4. Fixed Height Legend

    Hi Please say me how to fix the legend height and enable scroll bar if the the no of values increases. Thanks
  5. Save Charts As Image

    Hi I am generating various charts in page load of my application. I want to generate image of tat current chart which i am viewing and it should be saved particular directory because i have export button separately below each chart if i click that the saved image of current chart need to be exported in that pdf. Please provide sol to save the image automatically after rendering chart. Thanks
  6. How To Change The Background

    background is set to transparent but it is not applied in IE 8 browser issues there how to solve it. Then i want to specify the legend by own for eg: i have series for of bars in bar chart . For particular bar color i want to specify legend in bottom like Red-> Danger Green-> Fine how to do this
  7. Hi Border displaying in line charts even i gave transparent background. How to remove the border from that. ? Further i want to define the legend by my own how to do it ? thanks
  8. How to apply different colors to coordinates in line charts..Please see the attached screen shot i have marked the coordinates .
  9. How To Change The Background

    i have attached one sample pie chart here if i click particular Mechanical engineering field it should show the colleges in the grid where mechanical graduates came from. for eg: if i click January month it should show detail grid of day wise report. Thanks
  10. How To Change The Background

    Hi I have a pie chart showing some datas. for eg : Revenue, Loss, Gain etc my question is : If i click the revenue i should open a grid in popup to show the details of the revenue alone . Similar like drill down. Please send me with clear example Thanks
  11. How To Change The Background

    I can change the background transparent when there is no data to display however when there is data chart appear with white background. Please fine the attached image and send me the sample code for avoiding that white background. Thanks
  12. How To Change The Background

    Hi How to change the Background in to transparent. For eg if there is no data to display white block is displayed i want make it as transparent or i want to give any color. Please help
  13. Hi I am working on fusion chart for our client. Can you please about the license procedure. Thanks
  14. Mscolumn3Dlinedy Parameters

    I am using MSColumn3DLineDY in that i have to hide the two y datas on the chart initially . I can see that On clicking legend box it will show particular lines over the bar chart. But i want to handle this event from my code end i.e I have some check box if i click check box the line should come over the bar if i removed selection it should hide the line on the bar. I am using latest version only. Please help.