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  1. Hi Angshu, thank you for your reply. Best regards
  2. Hi, i am trying to get data from the charts of a webpage, by using .getDataAsCSV I am running the following code: if(FusionCharts(chartId)) { var chartObj = FusionCharts(chartId); } else if(getChartFromId(chartId)) { var chartObj = getChartFromId(chartId); } chartData = chartObj.getDataAsCSV(); This code is working for all charts except if the pages include an angularGauge graph or a HlinearGauge graph. I have the error message below, translated from french: The object does not support property or method "getDataAsCSV". i checked and the version of these graphs is 3.1.1 and the version of the graphs which works properly is 3.2.1. According to my collegue: "AngularGauge and HlinearGauge are part of FusionWidgets and the latest version available in the market is v3.1.1". So, my questions are: 1- It is correct to suppose that the issue is due to the version of the widgets, if yes, is there a version 3.2.1 for "AngularGauge and HlinearGauge? 2- If the answer is no, there is an error in my code or something i can do to fix this matter? thank you for any help; best regards