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  1. hi, while I am using special characters in charts,it works properly with normal charts,but it gets errors like "Invalid Data" in links. test1.html
  2. Funnel Chart Drill Down

    Hi I want to set links for funnel chart I did it by using 'Link' attribute, but it is not working. I have attached the sample code, please check it and help me on this. funnel.html
  3. Server-Side Exporting Chart

    Hi, I'm trying for server-side export,here i'm attaching the sample code. Take a look at it once. Thanks Export
  4. Server-Side Exporting Chart

    Hi, when I do right-click->save as jpg in the chart it does nothing. The pop-up window that lets you choose where to save is not opening. I have added all attribute to chart like (export enabled...), but the capturing popup comes up after that nothing happens. Thanks.
  5. Custom Buttons Inside The Chart

    Hi, We would like to have custom buttons inside the chart , which should basically call the javascript function ; We prefer to have buttons right hand bottom side. Please suggest us. Thanks in advance. Shiva Kumar Suvarna. Vistex.
  6. Hi All, We have a requirement of to hide child nodes of a particular node in Drag node chart initially and when we click on that node it has to show it's child nodes. Can we do this without raising the server event and re preparing the XML again. Appreciate your help. Regards, Shiva Suvarna,