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  1. Hi. I have upgraded my version of FusionChart to the last version (v 3.2.2) After I made this I realised that some features do not work well in this version. Examples: portuguese caracters in the title, sub title, or others texts. After a few tests I have concluded that the problem is in the file Fusionchart.js. If I use my version of this file the charts are Ok, but if I use the last version the texts are not ok. I attach my code files and the examples. Best regards, Ricardo chart_xml.txt My_JS_FusionCharts.zip
  2. Hi I am using FusionCharts Developer v3.1.1 in a several projects (Java - JSP) And I'm thinking upgrade for the last version. My question is: Do I need change the code of the aplications to works with new version? In attach is am exemple I use to create charts. Thanks for all. grafico.xml
  3. Hi. I have a chart with labels in portuguese's caracter. When I show the labels on horizontal (rotateLabels='0') the labels are ok, but when I show the labels on vertical (rotateLabels='1') the labels are wrong. The labels do not show the portuguese's caracter. See the images ans the xml in attach How can I show the labels on vertical with portuguese's caracter? Notes I am using FusionCharts Developer v3.1.1 grafico.xml