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  1. Firefox Flash Refresh Problem

    I got the same error here, but only if using JSON (the same dataset in XML format will not trigger the bug). To trigger the bug: Display a chart using JSON data in Firefox. Hide and show the chart container object (for example, using jQuery: $('#chartContainer').hide(); $('#chartContainer').show() Workarround: Call MyChart.render('chartContainer') after $('#chartContainer').show() or any function related to the chart container visibility. I guess the flash movie will try to reload data from the server, but is unable to parse JSON. Using FireBug "Network" pane I was able to confirm the JSON data is reloaded. The JSON reloaded is valid, but the flash movie will display only "No data to display". If you hit F5 or the reload buttom, the chart will display OK (because data will be translated from JSON to XML by the 'render' method). Regards, -- Paulo