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  1. We have MS Excel documents that we wish to save as XML using your supplied XSD file to create a multi series column chart. The excel document has 1 column for the category and 3 for data. We load the MSColumn2D.XSD as the XML map and link category\label to column 1 and set\value to column 2. Now this is a multi series chart we need to create so we try and map set\value to column 3 but this causes an error "This element has already been mapped. An element cannot be mapped more than once." We do not wish to use the XML utilty as it is very slow to copy and paste data when we should be able to save the XML direct from Excel of the XSD file was correct. Please advise a solution.
  2. Etl To Xml

    I am trying to populate the following XML using and ETL package. <categories> <category name="08/01" /> <category name="08/02" /> </categories> <dataset seriesname="Product A" color="FF5904" showValues="0" areaAlpha="50" showAreaBorder="1" areaBorderThickness="2" areaBorderColor="FF0000"> <set value="36634" /> <set value="43653" /> </dataset> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Product B" color="99cc99" showValues="0" areaAlpha="50" showAreaBorder="1" areaBorderThickness="2" areaBorderColor="006600"> <set value="12152" /> <set value="15349" /> </dataset> The ETL software thinks both datasets are the same. Can I add any additional tags to the standard XML to get around this?
  3. Etl To Xml

    Hi Thanks for your help. I have replicated the issue using the MScolumn.XSD file in Excel as an XML Map. The dataset format only allows a single mapping to a column for the set value, in a multi series chart you need multiple columns. You cannot link set\value to multiple columns which is the same issue we have with the ETL application. I also get the same problem if I open the attached XML file in Excel or ETL where the 3 datasets are only seen as one. I have tried adding some custom tags between each dataset but this stop the chart rendering. Can I add any tags that will be ignored between each dataset or does the the chart XML support a diffferent format similar to the other charts. Please advise Copy of Data.xml