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  1. Fusion Map Drill-Down Issues

    Never mind I found the answer under: FusionCharts\Tools\FlashPlayerSecuritySetup\HowToSetup.html Thank you for this document.
  2. This may help others. I'm now using jquery features for tables. I really wish Fusion starts supporting tables. I have attched a zip file with CSS, JS and an example for others to use. i hope this helps others with the same issue. WBH_Vendor1_2Hrs.htm
  3. Fusion Map Drill-Down Issues

    Hello, I'm having issues with the drill down from the map. I have created a simple example to reproduce the issue. Use the "Customer Satisfaction Index" map example and add link='F-detailsFrame-some_url_here' or link="P-detailsWin,width=400,height=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=no-some_url_here" This example works on one PC and not others. I used FF and IE7 and 8. I use the same version of Windows and flash on both machines. Also pop-up is not blocked. I tried to debug it but there are no errors reported. It's just strange!!! I gave-up and asking here for help. However if I use link="some_url_here" it works all the time. I have the same issue with the embedded graph drill down. Thank you.
  4. I need to create a grid (I use SSGrid.swf) but need to display multiple dataset instead of a single set. This works: <set label='Jan' value='462' /> <set label='Feb' value='857' /> <set label='Mar' value='671' /> <set label='Apr' value='494' /> <set label='May' value='761' /> <set label='Jun' value='960' /> <set label='Jul' value='629' /> <set label='Aug' value='622' /> <set label='Sep' value='376' /> <set label='Oct' value='494' /> <set label='Nov' value='761' /> <set label='Dec' value='960' /> But not this <categories><category label='Austria' /><category label='Brazil' /><category label='France' /><category label='Italy' /><category label='USA' /></categories> <dataset seriesName='1996' color='AFD8F8' > <set value='25601.34' /> <set value='20148.82' /> <set value='17372.76' /> <set value='35407.15' /> <set value='38105.68' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='1997' color='F6BD0F' > <set value='57401.85' /> <set value='41941.19' /> <set value='45263.37' /> <set value='117320.16' /> <set value='114845.27' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='1998' color='8BBA00' > <set value='45000.65' /> <set value='44835.76' /> <set value='18722.18' /> <set value='77557.31' /> <set value='92633.68' /> </dataset> Basically I'm trying to display a table report. Thank you for your help.