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  1. Unable To Load Chart In Ie6.

    I had enable the script debug mode in IE6, when I run the page, the IE6 still just hang there, no response and show no error.
  2. Unable To Load Chart In Ie6.

    Thanks for the fast response. Sorry that I am confuse about the debug mode you mentioned. Do you mean script debug mode in IE or? (FYI, I just browsed the gallery with IE6, without do any coding, or modification). Thanks.
  3. Unable To Load Chart In Ie6.

    Greetings, I am currently evaluating Power Charts, and downloaded the Trial package (PowerCharts_Eval.zip). When I browsed the gallery with IE8 or Chrome, it work nicely. Unfortunately, when browsed with IE6, the IE6 just hang there and show no response. The test machine with IE6 is run on Win XP, with Flash Player v10.3 installed. May I know any workaround? Thank you very much.