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  1. Invalid Argument With Masterpage

    Thanks so much, you are a genious jejejjejeje The problem was fixed but why i need the compatibility mode enabled? de fusioncharts v3 run only with previous version or i need use another fusion charts version?? thanks again gus
  2. I have a page (c# in with 4 fusion charts, all works ok, but my web site have a master page, so when on the charts page set the master page file, i received an javascript error "invalid argument" on line:76. I saw another samples on the web and all it's the same and my project must be run ok. Please, help me. best regards Gustavo Iglesias
  3. Please Help

    i try to do some different charts with and really data to show in my company for try to buy the soft for our intranet. I did a pie 3d and all work ok but now i have a big problem because i need a stacked chart, i make my code help me with source on internet. I have a similar source that a code that run ok but my code not run correctly i receive the message "no data to display"..please i need help thanks...this is my source clsMain obj = new clsMain(); DataTable objDt = obj.GetEstadistica_EstadosTipoPedido(); #region GeneraGrafico StringBuilder xmlData = new StringBuilder(); xmlData.Append("<chart caption='Sales' numberPrefix='$' formatNumberScale='0'>"); #region Crea el eje de tipos de pedido xmlData.Append("<tipos>"); DataTable dtTiposPedido = objDt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, "tipopedido"); foreach (DataRow Row in dtTiposPedido.Rows) { xmlData+= "<tipopedido name='" + Row["tipopedido"].ToString().Trim() + "' />"; } xmlData.Append("</tipos>"); #endregion #region Crea el eje de estados DataTable dtEstados = objDt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, "estadodesc"); DataView objDv = objDt.DefaultView; foreach (DataRow Row in dtEstados.Rows) { xmlData.Append("<dataset seriesName='" + Row["estadodesc"].ToString().Trim() + "'>"); foreach (DataRow Row2 in dtTiposPedido.Rows ) { objDv.RowFilter = "tipopedido='" + Row2["tipopedido"].ToString().Trim() + "' and estadodesc='" + Row["estadodesc"].ToString().Trim() + "'"; if (objDv.Count > 0) xmlData.AppendFormat("<set value='{0}' />", objDv[0]["cantidad"].ToString()); else xmlData.AppendFormat("<set value='{0}' />", "1"); } xmlData.Append("</dataset>"); } #endregion xmlData.Append("</chart>"); Literal1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "EstadosTipoPedido", "600", "300", false, true);