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  1. Hi, i have a page that contains a DragNode, but i cant get the XML Data, is always give mt error. Heres my HTML code -> http://pastebin.com/1x42qvKk Here is the javascript code -> http://pastebin.com/B5KwwgZw The graphic is drawing ok, but when i click in the savebutton (to get the xml code) gives me a error This is the javascript code i used to get the xml function getInfo(graphId, txtId){ //var ourChart = FusionCharts(graphId); var ourChart = FusionCharts.items[ ""+graphId+"" ]; var xmlRtn = ourChart.getXMLData(); //alert(xmlRtn); document.getElementById(txtId).value = xmlRtn; }
  2. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Thanks Sumedh, Best Regards, Luis Oliveira
  3. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Hi Sumedh, Heres an video with the problem, http://screencast.com/t/dLkPsHaf Regards, Luis
  4. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Its working now, but i have another program, when i click to save the xml the first time its working, but if i changed the graphic one more time and click on save (getting the xml), the xml its the same saved in the first time, and continues to save the first altered saved xml. What i i've done is moving this code outside the tabs. <script language=""JavaScript""> if(typeof FusionCharts=='undefined') { document.write('<scr'+'ipt language=""JavaScript"" type=""text/javascript"" src=""/ChartsRelationShip/JSClass/FusionCharts.js""><\/scr'+'ipt>'); } </script>
  5. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Hi, No, because its a big project (with several dependencies between them), and built in OutSystems (www.outsystems.com if you dont know what is). its possible the tabs refreshing the javascript and that way dont let me access to that function?
  6. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Did the inpect in Chrome, and i get this [/url] I can get it by getelementbyid, mas in the function fusionchart, gives me error. i dont know if this can help
  7. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Hi, the XML is generated in each page load. The only diference between the pages, is that one page have tabs (and the graphic is in one tab) and the other dont have tabs. (without tabs works) then I think because of the tabs, it can't access to the object (graphic).
  8. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Hi, i saw the code, thats why i said that i have in one page working and the code its the same and dont work in the other page. The implementation is the same like in your example. <script type="text/javascript"> var chart = new FusionCharts("/ChartsRelationShip/Charts/DragNode.swf","'"+ ChartDiv.Id +"ChartId'", "'"+1000 +"'", "'"+1000 +"'"); chart.setDataXML("'" +EncodeJavaScript( DataXML) + "'"); chart.render("'" +ChartDiv.Id +"'"); </script>" Regards, Luis
  9. Problem Getting Xml Data

    Hi, i have the same code in other page and its working with the same code, but in that page dont work, always in the same line: var ourChart = FusionCharts.items[ ""+graphId+"" ]; Can't find the object.
  10. Hi i'm trying to get the xml code from the DragNode graphic, but when i try it in the first time, dont show it. here the code i'm using function getInfo(graphId) { var ourChart = FusionCharts(graphId); var xmlRtn = ourChart.getXMLData(); alert(xmlRtn); } The most strange is, if i refresh the page it work, but that is not a valid option :S what could be wrong? Regards, Luis
  11. Problem Get Xml Code

    we have some problem right now (database model changed) to show the error or bug i dont know, when we fix it. I cand send you a message with the link, how can i send you the link later?
  12. Problem Get Xml Code

    Ok, i will send you a message with the link, will prepare the page and put it online thanks Angshu.
  13. Problem Get Xml Code

    Hi, I doing it with a plataform called outsystems, is why i dont attached a sample and only the code. I can save the page and attach it if you want.