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  1. Stacked Area Y Axis Max Ignored

    Thank you for checking into that so thoroughly. All is better now.
  2. I have a stacked area chart showing the time distribution of various activities. All of the combined activities for a day add up to 24 or just a hair less (rounding). I set my Y axis min and max to 0 and 24, but FusionCharts ignores me and is going up to 30, despite no values being over 24. Please see attached screenshot and XML. stackedchartaxisbug.xml
  3. Get Data Url Javascript

    Is there a javascript API function to call the current dataURL of a chart object? Something like chartObj.getDataURL() ? I want to dynamically append some variables to a chart's existing dataURL, but I can't do that without first knowing the chart's original dataURL.
  4. Multilevelpie & Rotation

    Hello, Do Multi level pie charts support different default starting angles? I would like my inner ring to start at a clock's 12 o' clock position instead of 3 o' clock. startingAngle='270' exists for regular pie charts, but does not seem to affect multi level pies.[/color] Please advise.
  5. Hello, Do multi-level pie charts support smart labels? I added enableSmartLabels='1' to my <chart> element, but there was no effect. My pie has many small labels on the outside ring, so it would be perfect if I could apply smart labels to the chart.
  6. That's interesting. Perhaps this topic should be moved from the PHP forum to the Bugs forum...
  7. Ie8 Win Xp Javascript Error

    Hi Angshu. Thanks for your quick reply. As you suggested, the charts will render with compatibility mode on. That is enough of a fix for now, but out of curiosity, are there plans for adding native support for IE8?
  8. Hi, When I use the renderChart method with this code, <? echo renderChart("../Line.swf","Data-Jan.xml","","myChart2",540,454,1); ?> I get this output in the debugger and the chart doesn't graph anything. INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: undefined If I use <? echo renderChartHTML("../Line.swf", "Data-Jan.xml","", "myChart2", 540, 454, 1); ?> it renders perfectly. The debugger says INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method. dataURL provided: Data-Jan.xml Do the functions not take their arguments in the same order? And, are there any usability concerns with using the embedded HTML instead of javascript? Which method is preferred and why? Thanks. My version is * @version 3.2.2 * @since 16 August 2011
  9. Ie8 Win Xp Javascript Error

    A coworker is using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP and cannot view any FusionCharts. The Javascript error returned says FusionCharts.js line 76 character 261 has an error. Using Chrome on the same computer can render charts. I am using @version fusioncharts/3.2.2-release.3880
  10. Bgalpha Broken In Ie

    Hello, I have set my charts to render with a transparent background by adding chart_$chartId.setTransparent(true); to the renderChart function in FusionCharts.php . In my chart XML, I set bgAlpha to 50 and set the bgColor to FFFFFF, and it renders fabulously in all browsers except Internet Explorer. I have attached a screenshot showing the display in Firefox 7 and the messed up display in IE9 (IE8 compatibility mode behaves the same way). I've also attached the XML file and page where I render the chart. In words, IE doesn't actually accept the transparency of the chart, and instead treats bgAlpha 100 as white and 0 as black, and only scales the bgColor along that axis. Please advise if there is a workaround to make Internet Explorer deal with bgAlpha. *edited for clarity Data-Jan.xml index.php