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  1. I have a ZoomLine with 8 graphs, and I would need improvements on the tooltip bullet of the graphs: - I cannot change the backgroud color of the tooltip per graph (e.g. a background red for graph1, a background orange for graph2,... ) - I would like to have the value+legend on the tooltip whithout having to add a tooltext on each point. Cheers, Sebastien
  2. Hello, I configured my ZoomLine chart to resize when my browser resizes. It is working good when the chart has data. But when the chart has the "No data to display" message, if I resize my browser (Firefox, Chrome,...) then the browser crashes with a message that a flash player script is too long. Could you please fix urgently?
  3. It could be great to have a generic javascript function callback on the click event on a bullet (amcharts is doing this) , so that I will not have to add the event on the data. I have 4000 points on my graph and most of the data is to add the click event. I would need a callback with chart id, graph name (legend), abscisse and ordonnee.
  4. I would need this functionality on ZoomLine.
  5. zoom in and zoom out in FusionMaps

    Is there any news on Zoomable Fusion Map ? I would really like this functionality.