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  1. Hi, I've downloaded the evaluation version today and tried to create Pie3D chart with image downloadable option using jsp. The Pie3D chart can display and download successfully, but the downloaded image cannot open with image viewer program. Below is my development environment - JDK - BEA weblogic 10 *** Note that I used original FusionChartsSave.jsp from folder ImageSaving *** The attached file is my generated HTML code Thanks, Ken myTestPieChart.txt
  2. Hi I got a problem about yellow border appearing when I pressed tab to focus on chart's element. It looks like the 'focusrect' value is true. Does The current FusionCharts version provide the way to set the focusrect value externally? or if there are any other solutions to disable this yellow border, please tell me. Thanks Ken
  3. Cannot open the downloaded Image

    Yes, the browser popup the dialog to show/sace image. I can download the image without problem (the download status bar was shown on the chart), but the downloaded image cannot display using image viewer program. Do I have to setup any additional configurations? Anyway, could you provide me the original saving script for JSP? I will compare it with the version I've downloaded Thanks, Ken
  4. Cannot open the downloaded Image

    Hi, I'm not sure I understand what does "Is the chart exporting as image on the first hand?" mean, but here is the scenarios I've done with Made a http request to servlet. Created XML data and stored in session. Forwarded the request to jsp to display Pie3D chart using XML data in session. Pie3D chart was displayed successfully. Right clicked on the chart an selected "Save as image". Image was downloaded successfully. Opened the downloaded image with Windows Picture Viewer. Got message "No preview available". This is my development environment Windows XP JDK 5.0 BEA Weblogic 10 IE7 I also tested this in Firefox, but still got the same result. Thanks, Ken