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  1. Is it possible to reference standard FusionMaps entity variables (long name, short name, value) in a custom toolText? I need to create a custom tool text for each entity but I also want to be able to reference the original entity name.
  2. Although flash supports a number of HTML tags, and FusionMaps supports these tags in toolText (mouseovers) when 'isHTML' is enabled, the behavior is not what is expected, especially with the <img> tag. Specifically: * images do not display at all unless they are preceded by a non-space character * images appear floating in the center of the toolText, overlapping text * toolText is indented on the left, as if saving space for the image * if you set alignment='right', the image floats way off to the right, far outside of the toolText box Also, the <li&gt tag behaves strangely, and the <p&gt tag seems to have no effect. Is there some problem with the way the toolText mouseovers are set up in flash? Thanks, Neil
  3. Bug in FCMap_NewWorld.swf

    In the new 3.1.1 release, ID 174 doesn't work but 118 does. I just re-downloaded and although the version hasn't changed I see that you've now removed 174 from the map specification sheet.
  4. IE8 DataURL error with > 10 charts on a page

    The "cache-killer" made no difference. Note that FC already automatically adds the "FCTime" variable to the dataURL call. Wouldn't that already prevent caching? This in addition to the fact that each chart is setting a different "Q=" value. From the debug console: dataURL provided: ResultsChartsXML.asp?Q=A dataURL invoked: ResultsChartsXML.asp?Q=A&FCTime=1646 When I click on either link it opens without any problems, and the XML validates. If I restrict the page to 10 or fewer charts, these same charts (A through J) load fine, using the same dataURL. The charts that do load tend to be the last 10, but this is a little random from refresh to refresh. Note that this problem only exists in IE8, not Google Chrome (which is much faster) and not in IE7. Thanks, Neil
  5. Chart doesn't render sometimes in Chrome

    Thanks! You guys are awesome. Will this be a minor patch to the FusionCharts.js file or will this require a fundamental change in the .swf files (meaning you'll have to re-release all chart and map files)? Just trying to plan ahead... Neil
  6. In Google Chrome (, sometimes (maybe 25% of the time) the chart/map does not render after initialization. Refreshing the screen (F5) usually fixes the problem and causes the chart/map to render. The .render() function clearly has been called because the <div> contents have been replaced with the flash object; it just shows as a blank (white) box. This was true in both FusionCharts/FusionMaps 3.0.6 and 3.1.1. I am using the latest version of Flash Player ( I am calling the .render() function at the end of the <body>, and have also tried calling it from the header in a window.onload function but get the same results. Realize that this could be a bug in either Chrome or Flash, but thought I would post it in case there is anything you can do. Feels like a timeout/timing issue. Thanks, Neil
  7. Hi, I have a report page that loads 22 small 2d pie charts. Each loads with it's own id and as it's own FusionChart object. This worked fine on all browsers under FC 3.0.6 but after upgrading to FC 3.1.1 it no longer works under IE 8. IE 8 seems to be only able to load 10 charts at a time. Any charts beyond that display "Error in loading data". The last 10 charts are the ones that load. If I reduce the number of charts rendered to the first 10, however, they now render fine - using the exact same XML feed. In Chrome and Firefox all charts render without any problems or errors (in "inspector" and "Firebug", respectively). I am calling all XML data via the setDataURL method, and I am properly encoding all URL and HTML data. Like I said, the charts that "fail" load fine if there are 10 or fewer charts on the page. Here is a sample of how I am invoking the charts: var pieA = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/Charts/Pie2D.swf", "chartAId", "350", "250", "0", "0"); pieA.setDataURL("ResultsChartsXML%2Easp%3FQ%3DA"); pieA.render("chartA"); "chartA" is the target DIV id. The unencoded URL is "ResultsChartsXML.asp?Q=A" I know that IE's JavaScript engine isn't very good, but this report worked fine under FusionCharts 3.0.6. Because I have long subcaptions, I really need to use 3.1.1 for the new line wrap functionality. Thanks, Neil
  8. Are there any updated / corrected map files available for Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo? In version 3: - Bosnia only shows the Federation (and it's 10 cantons). It excludes the Serb Republic (RS) areas (which are still a part of Bosnia) - Serbia still includes the 4 districts that are now independent Kosovo - There is no Kosovo map Thanks, Neil
  9. Iraq map in FusionMapsGUI

    Ha! That means you're hitting my server directly. Funny. I should really take that post down... I would post the fixed .swf file but I don't think InfoSoft would like that very much (since it's the registered version). Send me a message with your email address and I would be more than happy to send you a copy. Neil
  10. Iraq map in FusionMapsGUI

    PS: If it's any help, the problem (at least in the Iraqi map) was only that the FC_Rendered event never triggers. The controls on the FusionMapsGUI.html page don't render until that event happens. But you can still manually use the map by generating your own HTML and XML files.
  11. Iraq map in FusionMapsGUI

    Sudipto Choudhury from support was able to get me a fixed version of the Iraqi map; looks like you'll need the same thing for Benin. Neil
  12. What HTML is exposed via isHTML?

    The isHTML is part of the FusionCharts STYLE object. It controls whether or not the text contents of an element (such as a tooltip) are parsed for HTML. To control other characteristics such as font, size, color, etc., use the appropriate STYLE elements. See the full reference documentation. I don't know where it is on the FC website, but you can find it in your local installation.
  13. showLabel not working for individual entity

    From FusionCharts support:
  14. Iraq map in FusionMapsGUI

    They are all running from a local IIS instance as well as a Win 2003 Server IIS install: (link removed) and (link removed) Everything works except on the Iraq map. I have stepped through the .js code and it never renders the form controls because the FC_Rendered function is never called. I suspect the non-standard characters on the Iraq entity names may be causing an error in the flash rendering... Thanks, Neil
  15. Iraq map in FusionMapsGUI

    This seems to be a problem with the .swf file in general, as FC_Rendered also does not trigger when using the SSGenerator tool.