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    Can you tell us exactly what kind of data you are working with? All of my drill down charts go and retrieve data from a database based on the user's choice. Obviously, we would need a little more than Javascript and HTML for that. However, if your data is already in XML format then you are good to go. For example, if you have a saved XML file for each month of the year that stores specific financial data for that year and you have no need for that to be continuously accurate, then you are good to go. Is that the case? If so, then here is an example of what you are after. Let me know if this helps or not. drilldown.txt
  2. I don't have a live site to share, but I do seem to have solved the problem. I have created a new JavaScript function for switching the SWF and the data source: function switchChartType(chartType) { chart1 = new FusionCharts('http://marks/FusionCharts/charts/' + chartType + '.swf', 'main_chart', '400', '300', '0', '1'); if(chartType != "MSColumn3D") chart1.setDataXML(xmlData); else chart1.setDataURL("/exampleChart.xml"); chart1.render('mainChart'); } This works for me perfectly.
  3. I have a little demo web page that had five buttons on it (Column2D, Column3D, Pie2D, Pie3D, Line). In the past, I have been able to click any button and have the swf change based on which button I clicked. This allowed me to see the same data in 5 different forms. Today, I decided that I was going to add a Multi Series 3D Column button to the page. Obviously, I would need to load a special XML file for this button due to the fact that the syntax is a little different. However, now I notice that when I click on the Multi Series button I get a JavaScript error that says the object doesn't support the property/method. Here is the function that I have been using to switch my swf: function switchChartType(chartType) { chart1.setAttribute('swf', 'http://marks/FusionCharts/charts/' + chartType + '.swf'); chart1.render('mainChart'); } chartType is passed in as the name of the actual SWF that is saved on my machine. Here is the function that I am using to switch my data sources: function switchSource(toFile) { chart1 = getChartFromId("main_chart"); if(toFile == "True") chart1.setDataURL("/exampleChart.xml"); else chart1.setDataXML(xmlData); } toFile indicates whether or not the chart should be loaded from a file (for the Multi-Series chart) or from JavaScript (for the other charts). For the record, chart1 and xmlData are both global. The code seems to error when I call chart1's render function. However, this only occurs when the Multi-Series chart is involved. If it is removed, everything is fine. Any thoughts?