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  1. saving images

    thanks for your quick response. i already found it in the docs. unfortunately we cant use it because we have some background cronjobs which are generating reports in pdf format and send them to some users. so we have no chance to render it in a browser...
  2. saving images

    really? how can we make it?? is it a core function now??
  3. saving images

    no i think it wont scale. that is why you have to wait 2 days for feedback at the service that is rendering you website on different resolutions, operating systems and browsers. they have so many jobs to do that you can only process it in a queue. because of some other problems we didnt had time to make a workaround for the image issue. the pdf export in our application is still very urgent. i think the best way is to have a command line application on the server which can rendr flash and make an image of it. i only know a library which works on windows. does somebody know something that works on other machines too? we will try to start programming this application in the next 2 weeks... or has somebody a better idea??
  4. saving images

    ok thanks to the fusioncharts team!! yesterday evening i had a new idea how we can achieve server side flash rendering. there should be a way to directly connect to the gecko rendering engine or to the webkit engine. or do you know a browser which doesnt make a real windows form but renders the website in the background to make an screenshot of it? i know from an project where you can submit your website and the site is rendered on different operating systems and different browsers and different screen resolutions. some days later you get all screenshots of it. but i can't remember the name of this webiste!! ....
  5. saving images

    that means your code is working?? cool you have an asp server running? can you please post your code at asp site because than i can make a console application for windows which can be invoked by php!!! good to see some people working on the issue i think we have to get a little gift by fusioncharts
  6. saving images

    hello i also found out that i always get white/blank images back. this is because you have to set "animation" property firstly to "0" because then it needs longer to generate the swf. i make a for for all images in the frame and only save the last image. // make flash object SWFToImage.SWFToImageObjectClass swf = new SWFToImageObjectClass(); swf.InitLibrary("demo", "demo"); swf.InputSWFFileName = swfFilename; swf.ImageOutputType = TImageOutputType.iotJPG; // execute flash swf.Execute_Begin(); // set data xml swf.Execute_SetVariable("dataXML", vars); for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { swf.FrameIndex = i; swf.Execute_GetImage(); } swf.SaveToFile(imgFilename); this code is programmed in c#. its a console application which loads the dll.
  7. saving images

    its good to see that somebody picked up my workaround and is trying to implement it yes you are right you are limited by datalenght when you pass the xml as dataXml in the url. but fusioncharts has also the ability to read out a xml file. to do this you need this url chart.swf?dataURL=Data.xml the question is: where do youe have to place the data.xml file to be read out by the swf file?? trying is the best idea i think.... ps: because i wasn't able to access all features by the dll file within php i coded a small console application which takes the xml as argument and starts the function contained in the swfToImage dll! i can send it to you if you need id.
  8. saving images

    hello tmorsey sorry but due to other projects which have a hard deadline i had to stop my work on server side swf rendering and cannot work the next to weeks on this issue but i will explain to my approach: in php it is possible with the win32std extension to call some dll files or to call a command line application on the server. i have found a library called swfToImg that can render swf as image and save it in a jpg file. so i will do the following 1. make a request to the server 2. generate xml for the chart 3. call the swfToImg library in php with win32std extension and give the xml chart data to it 4. the library will generate a image and save it in the webroot of your webserver 5. copy the image to a place where you need it with php 6. inject the image in a pdf 7. send the pdf to the client one major bug: will only work on windows servers because the swfToImg library is only available in windows.. does anybody know an other way??
  9. saving images

    hello folks there are so many people out there which have the same problem: render image file from swf on the server. i found a way to do this!!! i will implement it in the next few days and will share my work with you. hold on some days
  10. hello next thing. i set a individual color for each element but how can i set the color of the last column when i use "showSumAtEnd" ??
  11. hello i am using you waterfall chart. the data is drawn from left bottom to right top. but i need my waterfallchart to draw the values from left top to right bottom. i have tried to multiply all my values with -1 . this did the right drawing but i have negative values in my chart which should be positive! is there a way to draw the chart in this way or can i change the caption of each bar to don't show the minus before the value?? thanks.
  12. saving images

    no it isn't possible at the moment! but with this new feature you can export the flash chart as an image but this has to be done by the user.. hopefully this can be done by a javascript event!
  13. saving images

    hey man thanks thats cool!!! two more questions 1. are you able to start saving the image process via javascript?? 2. when i start via javascript is it possible to hide the "Image generating.." dialog? thanks!
  14. To get pdf of fusion chart

    i also need this featuer check out this post:
  15. saving images

    thats not right. there is a way you can generate jpg files in flash! check out the following sites: on the end of the side you have print button in a flash movie and then you get a jpg file here you can draw something and then get a jpg of it it would be perfect if you can render a jpg on the webserver itself!! i need this function because i want to export the chart at serverside to a pdf file. but pdfs can only display image files!