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  1. I was using this: $("#chartContainer").updateFusionCharts( {"dataSource": NewMSXMLAsString, "dataFormat": "xml", "swfUrl" : "xx.swf"}) to update chart.But it's always refresh current chart and then update.How could this happen?
  2. Linked Chart

    Is there some one can help me? Thanks!
  3. Linked Chart

    Is there a way to click a column or a pie programly?I want to trigger drill down programly.
  4. Linked Chart

    Here is my test chart xml data <chart caption="Yearly sales" xAxisName="Year" yAxisName="Sales"> <set label="2004" value="37800" link="newchart-xml-2004-quarterly"/> <set label="2005" value="21900" link="newchart-xml-2005-quarterly"/> <set label="2006" value="32900" link="newchart-xml-2006-quarterly"/> <set label="2007" value="39800" link="newchart-xml-2007-quarterly"/> <linkeddata id="2004-quarterly"> <chart caption="Quarterly Sales Summary" subcaption="For the year 2004" xAxisName="Quarter" yAxisName="Sales"> <set label="Q1" value="11700"/> <set label="Q2" value="8600"/> <set label="Q3" value="6900"/> <set label="Q4" value="10600"/> </chart> </linkeddata> ....... </chart> when the link click,chart drill down,but I can not get any message.I want to get '2004' or link value 'newchart-xml-2004-quarterly' when the link click,and also drill down.I tried these ways: 1. "FusionCharts.addEventListener('LinkedItemOpened', function(eventObject, argumentsObject){})",I can not get anything useful information from eventObject and argumentsObject; 2. use "J- Prefix" or "JavaScript: prefix", I can send link value as parameter in this way,but the drill down do not execute.So I use 'setXMLUrl' to change the chart's datasource,but the "back" button dispplear. Sorry for my poor English.
  5. Linked Chart

    I want to get the label string when a link clicked,and also drill down. how can I do this?