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  1. Hi, I export the chart as pdf. I want to get the charts again from the pdf. Is it possible to get the charts? If possible how should i get charts?
  2. Hi, i want to pass the xml resultset in to fusion charts. is it possible
  3. Hi, could you please tell me where i can find the external utility programs that can be used to Extract Graphics from a PDF? Thanks,
  4. i have 4 charts in one page. i need to save all charts as a single image. is it possile? i have the code like this. im passing chart id to this method. this is working for column charts. but this is not working for angular charts. function save(chartID){ var savechart = getChartFromId(chartID); savechart.saveAsImage(); }
  5. i developed draggable window using div. i placed fusion charts also in the same page. window when dragging the window if the window reach the place of fusion chart ill go behind the chart.any body can give solution for this?
  6. how to save the fusion chart as image and export in to pdf?