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  1. I Want A Power Like This

    Hi, Thanks for your post. like this, As long as the chart is similar to this(Similarity can be as long as),i will very happy and thank you very much.
  2. I find all the Fusionpowers,but are not meet the needs of(The great circle on can be connected node distribution) ,Changes which meet the needs of what the chart? thankyou.
  3. i have finish use <trendlines> label,thanks you also!
  4. <div> <trendlines></div><div> <line startValue='30' endValue='30' isTrendZone= '0' displayValue='Median Cost' color='FF0000'/></div><div> </trendlines> </div><div>can not change color where region between two lines,</div>
  5. i change <vTrendlines> <line startValue='0' endValue='30' color='FF0000' alpha='5' displayValue='External Network' isTrendZone='1'/> <line startValue='30' endValue='60' color='00FF00' alpha='5' displayValue='Middleware' isTrendZone='1'/> <line startValue='60' endValue='100' color='0000FF' alpha='5' displayValue='Internal Network' isTrendZone='1'/> </vTrendlines> to <numDivLines> <line startValue='0' endValue='20' color='FF0000' alpha='5' displayValue='NODE' isTrendZone='1'/> <line startValue='20' endValue='100' color='00FF00' alpha='5' displayValue='NODE1' isTrendZone='1'/> </numDivLines> but donot display Level points column,is blank space.
  6. i want to change DragNode2.xml vTrendlines label to Level points column? what can i to,would you help me?