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  1. Column Graph Missing The Column

    Clear the browser cache. That should indeed fix your issue. Otherwise, if you cannot use the latest JQuery, you must disable the animations. Then the bars will show. It is the "animation" in the older Fusion Charts that is incompatible with newer jQuery 1.7.1. But, again, clearing the cache and getting the newest stuff should bring you up to snuff (or however that saying goes...)
  2. Overlaybutton In Ie9 Does Not Display

    Actually, it looks like the overlay is getting overlapped by the new chart that loads a second later via the jsonurl call. This must be a known issue. Although, I cannot seem to find any information on this.
  3. This works in Firefox and Chrome, not in IE. I have a linked chart via jsonurl, and the chart loads, but the "back button" does not show up in IE. There is actually a small invisible spot in the upper right corner that I can click to go back, but it should be showing the words "go back". Please, I need assistance with this issue. Is it a known issue? I am setting up the configureLink correectly. Only fails in IE9. if (c.drillEnable) { FusionCharts( { swfUrl: c.drillType, overlayButton: { message: c.drillBackText, bgColor: 'ffffff', borderColor: 'ffffff', fontColor: '#519fed', fontSize: '9', bold: true, show: true } }, 0); }
  4. Legend Could Use Line Anchor Shape

    Lines need legend icons that will not just match the color of a line series, but instead would match the "anchor point" if specified for the entire line series. This allows several lines on a single chart, whereby the anchor points are better indicators rather than just the color of the line, to be better represented in the legend. Much better for black and white printing of course! Am I perhaps missing a setting that allows the icons/shapes/data points in a legend to be customized much more than it already seems?
  5. Stacked Column 2D + Line With "dual Y"

    Looks like this can be achieved using the MSStackedColumn2DLineDY.swf chart, and only providing one stack series. So you still get one set of stacked bars, and a line that can be on the secondary Y-axis. { "chart": { "caption": "Annual Revenue", "subcaption": "In Million {:content:}quot;, "xaxisname": "Year", "pyaxisname": "Sales in M{:content:}quot;, "syaxisname": "Cost as % of Revenue", "decimals": "0", "numberprefix": "{:content:}quot;, "numbersuffix": "M", "snumbersuffix": "%25" }, "categories": [{ "category": [{ "label": "2001" }, { "label": "2002" }, { "label": "2003" }, { "label": "2004" }, { "label": "2005" } ] } ], "dataset": [{ "dataset": [{ "seriesname": "Product A", "color": "AFD8F8", "showvalues": "0", "data": [{ "value": "30" }, { "value": "26" }, { "value": "29" }, { "value": "31" }, { "value": "34" } ] }, { "seriesname": "Product B", "color": "F6BD0F", "showvalues": "0", "data": [{ "value": "21" }, { "value": "28" }, { "value": "39" }, { "value": "41" }, { "value": "24" } ] } ] } ], "lineset": { "seriesname": "Cost as % of Revenue", "showvalues": "0", "linethickness": "4", "data": [{ "value": "57" }, { "value": "68" }, { "value": "79" }, { "value": "73" }, { "value": "80" } ] } }
  6. Is this going to be available? "Stacked Column + 2D Line WITH DUAL Y" There is a 3D Version of this, but no 2D version. Seems odd that this is unavailable. Basically, the ability to have lines on the second Y axis in 2D, with the stacked bar and possible other lines on the primary axis. Can this be achieved with the"MSStackedColumn2DLineDY", while only providing a single series for the stached columns (rather than 2).
  7. I know I can have vertical trend zones for scatter plots to shade the background over a specified width. And, I can create vertical lines on on any chart. But, I would really like to be able to have vertical trend zones on any 2D column or line chart. Something for you to consider for your road map.
  8. Custom Anchors

    I know I can change the anchors points on a line to be 2-3-4 sided, as well as color and size. What about I supply a custom icon image I may want to use to highlight something special? Is there a feature in the works for this by chance?
  9. The function getDataAsCSV works fine for the primary chart data, for when I want to grab the chart data and build a tabular view of the data. var strCSV = FusionCharts("myChartId").getDataAsCSV(); However, when I use the same function after drilling down into another chart, that function returns the original series of data. How would I gain access to the drilldown chart data? Is there an "id" that needs to get appended to the "myChartId"?
  10. Tab Order On Column Charts

    The tab order on flash charts is inconsistent. How is the tab order specified? Can tab order be overridden or verified? This example on the Fusion Charts site illustrates a tab order for the columns that is not left to right. It is out-of-order. http://docs.fusionch...pleExample.html I tried in Chrome and IE. The chart on this page was Flash. The Javascript chart did not apply focus at all. Is there a way to enable that?
  11. How can I set a loading image for a chart, displayed while data is being retrieved, rather than simply setting the loading text (via XMLLoadingText)? Perhaps simply something like this could be specified (a loading gif - local rather than by URL)
  12. Overlaybutton Does Not Display In Linked Chart

    So, is this a known issue that you are working on? The javascript/HTML5 charts using jsonurl w/ linked charts not rendering the overlayButton. Your response didn't indicate that this was an issue that you know about. Thanks!
  13. Overlaybutton Does Not Display In Linked Chart

    In my own example, when I override the rendering to be Javascript all the time, and not Flash, it never shows the overlayButton correctly. So, I believe the issue is with the Javascript rendering with jsonurl as the method for loading linked charts for ALL browsers, not just Firefox as I mentioned above.
  14. Overlaybutton Does Not Display In Linked Chart

    The example on your own website illustrates what I described above. This actually seems to perhaps be ONLY for Firefox, and only when Firefox is only using the Javascript Chart (no flash available.) This seems to work in Chrome and IE. So, again, perhaps this is a bug only for Firefox with Javascrip/HTML5 charts. Fusion Charts Sample Page for linked chart and jsonurl There are some other examples marked as jsonurl that are actually json data examples, loading from a static variable. Don't be sidetracked by those
  15. I cannot get the Overlay Button of a linked chart (drill down) to display when the data is provided via a "jsonurl" data feed. When a single data source is used, the overlay button displays fine. Is this a limitation of the linked charts? The Overlay Button will not work when the data source is not simply an ID in a linked chart? For example, this excerpt from the data of a chart will load the "A1" linked chart, and the OverlayButton "Back" will display just fine: "data": [ { "label": "Week 1", "value": "14400", "link": "newchart-json-A1" }, ... "linkeddata": [ { "id": "A1", "linkedchart": { "chart": { "caption": "Second Level 1", "xAxisName": "Week", "yAxisName": "Sales", "numberprefix": "{:content:}quot; }, "data": [ { "label": "Week A1", "value": "799" }, { "label": "Week A2", "value": "6789" } ] } }, While, this excerpt from a chart, showing the use of the "jsonurl", fails to display the OverlayButton when the linked chart data is loaded. In this example, this is essentially showing and endpoint "MyApp/Service/SomeTestData" that will returning the valid and appropriate json data: "data": [ { "label": "Week 1", "value": "14400", "link": "newchart-jsonurl-MyApp/Service/SomeTestData" },