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  1. Hello! Angshu, As per your instruction, I've added your given FusionCharts.dll in my .net project's -> \bin folder. And FusionChart.xml in this folder and created another folder,called src in the project and added FusionChart.vb file. Not sure whether we needed FusionChart.xml and FusionChart.vb in a .net project for any asp .net Fusion Chart to create. I'm not sure in which GAC folder or file, I need to add new dll file? fyi, in my local machine IIS webserver it is ver 2.0(as you can see in Compilation Error screen shot) but for my VS 2010 it is using ASP .net ver 4.0. Please provide me more detail information on how my below issue can be resolved? Thanks SH
  2. Hello! I'm using VS2010 with vb to create an .aspx page to run Fusionchart plottig data from Database. When I ran the project with .aspx file using VS studio,it is working fine. When try to run '.aspx' from from ..\wwwroot directory using IE browser, I am getting 'Compiler Error Message: BC30451: Name 'InfoSoftGlobal' is not declared'. Just to inform you that I keep the .aspx,.aspx.vb and web.config files in ...\wwwroot directory and try to run the page from IE browser like 'http:// [local machine ip address]/[page name.aspx]' fyi, my IIS has 2.0 but for VS2010 it is using 4.0. InfosoftGlobal is declared as name in vb code and FusionChart.dll is also in bin folder. NOT SURE WHAT IS CAUSING THIS. Please let me the know the root cause or solution on how to fix. Attached is the error I am getting. Thanks Compilation Error.doc