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  1. Fusion Charts With Env.js And Rhino

    HI, have there been any updates on this issue? We are looking for a solution to exports charts at the server side (without rendering them). Is there a way to do this with FusionCharts XT? Thanks, Rohit
  2. Hi, When using JavaScript renderer, a pie chart with "0" values has rendering issues in 3.2.2 SR5, while it worked fine in SR3. Here's the XML data for testing: <chart ><set label='abc' value='0.0' /><set label='2-2' value='1.0' /><set label='3-3' value='1.0' /></chart> Screenshots are attached describing the issue.
  3. This issue has now been resolved, I was calling setXMLData() after resizeTo() (which used to work in SR3), now I've just moved the resize call after setXMLData() which fixes this issue.
  4. We recently upgraded to FusionCharts XT(v3.2.2) SR5 from SR3, and the resizeTo method on the charts doesn't seem to work anymore when using JavaScript renderer. It works fine when using Flash charts. I did some debugging and found that the resize method in FusionCharts.HC.js does not do anything because of the following check: if (!(container && container.resize)) { return; } The *container* is empty, but not sure why. This was definitely working in SR3. Thanks, Rohit
  5. Chart Performance Issue In Ie

    We are also facing performance issues in IE on charts which have lots of points. We are using Fusion Charts XT with the latest patch release. Is this something that is being looked into for the next release?
  6. Batch Export.

    We are facing a similar issue: This only started happening after upgrading to FusionCharts XT (we are on SR3). On IE8, if there are charts which are not in the viewable area, batch export process takes a very long time (in minutes) to call back FC_ExportReady . The export works after that with the following behaviour: 1) If I scroll down and then back, and then export, the export works correctly 2) If I don't scroll at all, and then export, the export works, but there are labels missing from the exported charts. Is there a possible fix for this issue. This seems to work fine on Chrome.
  7. Hi, The issue is described in the title of the post: "Empty Javasciript Pie Charts Throw Javascript Error" If you try and render an empty javascript pie chart, a javascript error is thrown, and the message "No data to display" is not displayed. Instead, and empty chart is displayed. This does not happen on flash charts. Below is the XML generated in our application, but you can reproduce the issue using <chart></chart>: <chart bgColor='DDDDDD,FFFFFF' bgAlpha='100' useRoundEdges='1' palette='1' showLegend='1' legendPosition='BOTTOM' exportEnabled='1' exportShowMenuItem='0' exportHandler='fcExporter' animation='1' exportAtClient='1' unescapeLinks='0'></chart>
  8. Noticed this in SR3 of Fusion Charts XT Error is: Cannot read property 'pieYScale' of undefined Method: spaceManager Code: pieYScale = series.pieYScale series is null, which needs to be handled in other places as well. It is disappointing to see errors like this in a production release.
  9. After upgrading to SR3 for Fusion Charts XT, we are facing issues when calling getSVG() twice on a chart object: First issue: First call: this.jsVars.hcObj.getSVG() (returns the SVG string correctly) Second call on the same chart: this.jsVars.hcObj.getSVG() (throws a javascript error in the console) This happens because of the call to chartCopy.destroy() in the getSVG() method: // get the SVG from the container's innerHTML svg = chartCopy.container.innerHTML; // free up memory options = null; chartCopy.destroy(); (THIS CALL CAUSES THE ISSUE) discardElement(sandbox); Commenting out that call fixes the issue for now, but we would like the memory to be recollected ideally. Second issue: The getSVG() method returns the visibility property incorrectly: In Chrome, the SVG string has: visibility="" which is incorrect since the property cannot be blank (fixed by: .replace(/visibility=""/g, '')) In IE, the SVG string has just prop1="val1" visibility prop2="val2", which is incorrect syntax (fixed by: .replace(/ visibility /g, ' '))
  10. Thanks! The issue is now fixed the by the latest release.
  11. Thanks! The issue is now fixed the by the latest release.
  12. Pie Chart: Labels Are Cut Off

    Is this property only supported when using "Flash" rendering? It does not seem to work when JavaScript rendering is used.
  13. Hi, I tried the latest service release, but it does not fix the issue. Could you please confirm this as a bug? This is stopping us from using Fusion Charts XT in production.
  14. We are using v3.2.2: /** * The version of FusionCharts.js */ version: [3, 2, 2, 'release', 3880]