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  1. Sorry for the double post - I posted in ASP subforum, but it's not really ASP specific so I thought I'd try here since this is where most people post! I'm playing with the MSColumn3DLineDY chart and have 4 datasets. I have primary and secondary Y Axes. The primary are numbers, and the secondary are %'s. It appears that the only way I can get a dataset to render as a line is to indicate it belongs to the secondary Y axis, which of course then displays data points in %'s. What I'd like to do is: Dataset 1: Bar, Primary Y Axis Dataset 2: Line, Primary Y Axis Dataset 3: Line, Primary Y Axis Dataset 4: Line, Secondary Y Axis I read somewhere in the docs that passing a "renderAs=Line" attribute in a dataset tag would be my solution, but I didn't see that in the API and it doesn't appear to be working with this (or if you remove the parentYAxis=P, same thing): Call FC.addDataset("Number Opened","parentYAxis=P;renderAs=Line" I check the generated XML and it is as expected, so it has nothing to do with the ASP class. It's just that the swf is rendering my dataset as another series of bars, instead of rendering as a line. Any help? Thanks!
  2. I know this is possible because I have done it before (I think??). I am working with the MSColumn3DLineDY chart, and the ASP class to set all of my params. I have a dual Y axis with numbers on the left (primary) axis and % on the right (secondary) axis. The only way I can seem to make a dataset render as line is to indicate that it belongs to the sYAxis - but then it shows data labels in %, which I don't want. I will have 4 datasets in total, as follows: Dataset 1: 3DBar (left Y Axis - represents number, "ending balance") Dataset 2: Line (left Y Axis - represents number, "number opened") Dataset 3: Line (left Y Axis - represents number, "number closed") Dataset 4: Line (right Y Axis - represents %, "percentage on-time") I thought this was accomplished via the dataset attribute "renderAs=Line", however when I pass through the method as follows: Call FC.addDataset("Number Opened","renderAs=Line") OR Call FC.addDataset("Number Opened","parentYAxis=P;renderAs=Line") these do not work, it just renders as another bar. I verified that it passes through to generated XML, it's just that the swf is not rendering it as a line. I also didn't see this attribute in the API, but read on one of the examples that you could pass renderAs=Line to a dataset. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks, David
  3. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Is it possible to save as image without registering components to the server?