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  1. Hi All, I have developed a line chart in PHP using Fusion Chart.but I'm not good at SQL. I want lines to show these Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 5 9 0 2 8 5 4 How I do that.? Thank you. report-month6.php
  2. Chart in MS Access Report

    I've a same problem like this. I try to insert fusion chart in my forms but it not work , If you have a time for created access sample with fusionchart for me Thank you very much.
  3. Hi,I'm new here and I have not good in English. I have a problem for using fusionchart3.I'm testing charts from Fusion's Blueprint demo application.the Thai language is not support on these charts. I dont'know about that, I had inserted utf8 encoding in *.php but it's same.How can I do? Thank you verymuch for your replied.