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  1. Tooltip Not Always Showing

    We are using a the StackedColumn2DLine.swf chart to show information (see attached SampleOfStackedColumn2DLine.bmp). In the chart when you hover the items with blue arrows we get a tooltip however when you hover the 2 with red arrows you do not. We are populating the chart with data from a Json Object that has a tooltext provided for all 4 items (see PartialSampleOfJsonForStackedColumn2DLine.bmp). I haven't been able to figure out why a tooltip shows sometimes and not others, the only consistent thing is that it only seems to affect items with 0 values but not always as in the example July will show a tooltip. Our current version of Fusion Charts is 3.2.4.-release.8565 according to FusionCharts.js. SampleOfStackedColumn2DLine.bmp PartialSampleOfJsonForStackedColumn2DLine.bmp
  2. Here is some additional information. Our chart properties include thousandSeparator, decimalSeperator (which both work) and thousandSeparatorPosition which does not update the axis). Here are the properties in the chart: {"chart": {"caption":"" "xAxisName":"Month" "yAxisName":"GBP" "Showlegend":"1" "Decimals":"0" "Rotatevalues":"0" "Forcedecimals":"1" "Showlabels":"1" "Showvalues":"0" "Exportenabled":"0" "Exportaction":"" "Exporthandler":"" "Exportatclient":"0" "Exportshowmenuitem":"0" "formatNumberScale":"0" "Plotgradientcolor":" " "Bgcolor":"#ffffff" "numberSuffix":" " "ValuesFormat":"Currency" "ShowSumAtEnd":"0" "YAxisMaxValue":"121290835" "centerYaxisName":"0" "showZeroPlane":"1" "zeroPlaneThickness":"2" "adjustDiv ":"0" "decimalSeparator":"." "thousandSeparator":"," "thousandSeparatorPosition":"2,3" "formatNumber":"1"} is a sample of the values that are formatted correctly...but the axis is not. dataset":[{"seriesname":"TER","data":[{"label":"","displayValue":"6,86,13,993","value":" 68613993","tooltext":""TER","APR 2011", "6,86,13,993"","showlabel":null,"color":null,"issum":"0","cumulative":"0"},{"label":"","displayValue":"7,03,59,373","value":"70359373","tooltext":""TER", "MAY2011", " ....
  3. We are using JSON to configure our charts and are on version 3.2.2 of Fusion. However, when trying to change the position where comma's appear it does not apply for the axis values only the display value of items in a grid. Note that thousandSeparator and decimalSeperator both appear to work just fine in the values of items in the grid and updating the axis to also be formatted correctly. Is there an additional property needed to have thousandSeparatorPosition apply to values in the axis?
  4. We are getting the error message "Unspecified Error" when loading charts in IE7 (specifically 7.0.5730). They render fine in IE7 (7.0.6002) and above. As a validation we get the same error message and same line # when viewing the online demo site in IE 7.0.5730. It appears to be an issue with msxml3.dll but I was hoping to find a work around or some help. We are using Fusion Charts v3.2.2 currently and are rendering charts via Json like below: var myChart = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/" + flashObject, ChartId, '<%= Width %>', '<%= Height %>', "0", "1"); myChart.setJSONUrl(ServiceUrl); myChart.render(RenderDivId); Unfortunately, we have preconfigured machines for over 100K users and updates to IE are not an option. I saw other posts with similar issues with "unspecified error" that may have been fixed with updates but they were for downloads and we are having the issue on just rendering a chart.