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  1. Hi, I'm trying to use the heat map swf on my site. However it keeps telling me the XML is invalid. Not sure what is wrong. I took the syntax directly off the demo and just added my own code. Hope someone can tell me what is wrong. Thanks in advance below is the code i am outputting prior to rendering the chart. <chart Caption='Odd/Even Distribution' baseFont='Tahoma' baseFontSize='14' xAxisName='Drawing Dates' yAxisName='ODD or EVEN' decimalPrecision='0' formatNumberScale='0' outCnvBaseFontSize='14' showValues='1'> <rows> <row id='2011-12-02' /> <row id='2011-12-01' /> <row id='2011-11-30' /> <row id='2011-11-29' /> <row id='2011-11-28' /> <row id='2011-11-27' /> <row id='2011-11-26' /> <row id='2011-11-25' /> <row id='2011-11-24' /> <row id='2011-11-23' /> </rows> <columns> <column id='1' /> <column id='2' /> <column id='3' /> </columns> <dataset> <set rowId='2011-12-02' columnId='1' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-12-02' columnId='2' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-12-02' columnId='3' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-12-01' columnId='1' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-12-01' columnId='2' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-12-01' columnId='3' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-30' columnId='1' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-30' columnId='2' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-30' columnId='3' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-29' columnId='1' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-29' columnId='2' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-29' columnId='3' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-28' columnId='1' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-28' columnId='2' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-28' columnId='3' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-27' columnId='1' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-27' columnId='2' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-27' columnId='3' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-26' columnId='1' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-26' columnId='2' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-26' columnId='3' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-25' columnId='1' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-25' columnId='2' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-25' columnId='3' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-24' columnId='1' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-24' columnId='2' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-24' columnId='3' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> <set rowId='2011-11-23' columnId='1' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-23' columnId='2' value='1' displayValue='Odd'/> <set rowId='2011-11-23' columnId='3' value='4' displayValue='Even'/> </dataset> <colorRange gradient='0' code='F1C4EE' minValue='0' startlabel='ODD' endLabel='EVEN'> <color code='AFD8F8' minValue='0' maxValue='1' label='ODD'> <color code='8BBA00' minValue='3' maxValue='4' label='EVEN'> </colorRange> </chart>