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  1. How do you pass the aditional paramaters? when I go look at the RenderChart function source I see this Public Shared Function RenderChart(ByVal chartSWF As String, ByVal strURL As String, ByVal strXML As String, ByVal chartId As String, ByVal chartWidth As String, ByVal chartHeight As String, ByVal debugMode As Boolean, ByVal registerWithJS As Boolean) As String Dim builder As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder builder.AppendFormat(("<div id='{0}Div' align='center'>" & Environment.NewLine), chartId) builder.Append(("Chart." & Environment.NewLine)) builder.Append(("</div>" & Environment.NewLine)) builder.Append(("<script type=""text/javascript"">" & Environment.NewLine)) builder.AppendFormat(("var chart_{0} = new FusionCharts(""{1}"", ""{0}"", ""{2}"", ""{3}"", ""{4}"", ""{5}"");" & Environment.NewLine), chartId, chartSWF, chartWidth, chartHeight, boolToNum(debugMode), boolToNum(registerWithJS)) If (strXML.Length = 0) Then builder.AppendFormat(("chart_{0}.setDataURL(""{1}"");" & Environment.NewLine), chartId, strURL) Else builder.AppendFormat(("chart_{0}.setDataXML(""{1}"");" & Environment.NewLine), chartId, strXML) End If builder.AppendFormat(("chart_{0}.render(""{1}Div"");" & Environment.NewLine), chartId, chartId) builder.Append(("</script>" & Environment.NewLine)) Return builder.ToString End Function There is no parameters after registerWithJS.
  2. Im using FusionCharts XT v3.2.2 Trial. Im trying to set the transparency for the background. In there documentation it shows on the code behind 'FusionCharts.RenderChart("../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "", strXML.ToSrting(), "myNext", "600", "300", False, True, True)'. But when I look at the RenderChart function, there is only one function and does not have a third boolean paramater to specify transparency. There is only one function. Thank you in advance.