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  1. Hi y'all, FusionCharters. -_o We've been working recently with FusionMaps and we've detected some errors in the name of some spanish regions in the autonomous regions map (FCMap_spain.swf). A majority of them are minor, a problem of punctuation, but there are two of them which we can't afford to let go freely into a production-level webapp. It's being embarrassing to justify them before our client. We wanted to know if there's some easy/fast way to fix this problem. The two regions are: -"Cataluña", which is displayed as "Catalonia", in English. I guess it is somewhat problematic to represent the spanish character "eñe" -Ñ- . -"Comunidad Valenciana", which is currently named as "Communidad Valencian". We can call it "Comunidad Valenciana" or simply "Valencia", but "Communidad Valencian" is profoundly incorrect. The other minor problems, those related to punctuation, are these ones: "Aragón", instead of "Aragon" "Andalucía" for "Andalucia" "País Vasco", better than "Pais Vasco". You can use "Comunidad Autónoma Vasca" too. Other unofficial names are "Vasconia" and "Vascongadas". "Castilla y León", instead of "Castilla y Leon" But as I've said before, what is critical to us is to find some fix for the aforementioned bugs, the ones about Cataluña and Valencia. Can anyone help us? Thanks in advance.