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  1. Fusionamaps And Openlaszlo(Flash 9)

    Adding mode=laszlo request parameter solved the issue.
  2. Fusionamaps And Openlaszlo(Flash 9)

    Unfortunately "?mapwidth=750&mapheight=400" didn't help.
  3. Fusionamaps And Openlaszlo(Flash 9)

    Sudipto, Initially I used swf file from the FusionMaps_Trial package. Now I tried to replace it with swf file from FusionMapsFlex package and behavior was a little bit different: Data.xml was not requested by default and map was rendered 750x400 with black areas. If I supply xml config (for example add dataXML='<maps/>' request parameter) map again occupies full screen. Then I tried to link FusionMaps.swc an load map using FusionMaps class: <canvas proxied="false"> <view width="750" height="400" id="a"> <passthrough> import com.fusionmaps.components.FusionMaps; </passthrough> <handler name="oninit"> <![CDATA[ addMap(); ]]> </handler> <method name="addMap"> <![CDATA[ var myFirstMap:FusionMaps = new FusionMaps(); myFirstMap.FMMapType = "World"; myFirstMap.FMSetDataXML("<map/>"); this.sprite.addChild(myFirstMap); //myFirstMap.FMRender(); ]]> </method> </view> </canvas> But this code caused: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at com.fusionmaps.components::FusionMaps/draw()[F:\work\sudipto\_SVN\development\fmflex\fmflex\trunk\core\swc\core\sources\FlexBuilder3\source\com\fusionmaps\components\] at com.fusionmaps.components::FusionMaps/stageEnter()[F:\work\sudipto\_SVN\development\fmflex\fmflex\trunk\core\swc\core\sources\FlexBuilder3\source\com\fusionmaps\components\] Any ideas what is causing this exception? Thanks, Alex
  4. I'm trying to integrate fusionmaps into test OpenLaszlo application. Code is pretty simple: <canvas proxied="false" bgcolor="blue"> <view width="750" height="400" id="a" resource="http:FCMap_World.swf"> </view> </canvas> Basically what OpenLaszlo framework does it creates stage:Stage->sprite:Sprite->imgLoader:Loader hierarchy and loads swf resource using imgLoader. The problem is that map is always rendered full screen .OpenLaszlo debugger allows to watch object properties and here is what I can see: a.sprite.imgLoader.width = 1335; a.sprite.imgLoader.height = 916; a.sprite.root.stageWidth = 1235; (width of browser window) a.sprite.root.stageHeight = 816; (height of browser window) Why does map always occupy even more space than a stage size? Is there any way I can control size of the map? How can I make it draw 750x400? Thanks, Alex