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  1. I integrated open laszlo and fusion charts for our application. The data to these fusion charts changes as per a search criteria. So every time the user clicks search, fusion charts should get loaded with the corresponding data. But, this is not happening it still displays the previous data and on subsequent click on the search button it displays the charts with the updated data. i.e. every second click on the search button refreshes the charts with the actual data. Where as It should be happening on every click. When i debugged it i found out that the data being given to the charts is the current. As per the search criteria but fusion charts still loads the cached data. Please let me know of any solution. Thanks in advance.
  2. How do I stop caching of the xml files?

    Can anybody please help me out with this issue of caching? If its normal URL call i can append a random number. But i am integrating fusion charts with openlaszlo and i am using the following code to create a chart. <fusioncharts id="fc1" autoload="false" strSWFName="Charts/Pie3D.swf" intChartWidth="350" intChartHeight="150" intChartStartX="0" intChartStartY="5" timetoload="1000"/> </view> I am providing the data to it via a Dataset. how can i prevent caching in this scenario. Help is appreciated.Thanks is advance..
  3. How do I stop caching of the xml files?

    How to do the same when integrating with openlaszlo. how to add a no cache variable has anybody tried it?