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  1. The chart renders but the servlet get's called twice. Here is the code. <script language="JavaScript" src="/dashboards/FusionCharts/Charts/FusionCharts.js"></script> var myChart = new FusionCharts("/dashboards/FusionCharts/Widgets/Bulb.swf", "newUnderTwoId", "50", "50", "0", "0"); myChart.setChartDataUrl("/dashboards/report-scripts/alerts/alerts.groovy?status=New%26range=2", "xml"); myChart.render("chartdiv1"); The servlet is report-scripts which captures the parameters and turns arounds and runs a groovy script. The groovy script creates the XML and puts it back out on the stream. I am also logging the XML to our log file, plus other information. The xml and other information is shown twice in the log file. I made sure I didn't duplicate any code. I also pasted the URL http://localhost:8443/dashboards/report-scripts/alerts/alerts.groovy?status=New%26range=2 into the address bar. It calls my servlet only once, I only see the xml and other information once in the log file. It isn't a big deal since I can get it to render, but sure would be nice not to have it make two requests. Any ideas? Using FusionCharts 3.2.2 and Widgets 3.1. Oh, I just thought of this, is it ok that I am using the newer FusionCharts.js than what was given with Widgets? Thanks Calvin