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  1. Looking for fusion integration with pentaho

  2. Hi Experts , Recently I have checked the FC plugin (free version) for the Pentaho community version. After adding it , I saw its generated very cool chart. Now while generating the normal charts , its generated without any error. but whenever I am trying to generate it Multiseries chart it show me wrong chart. My CDA content is as per below. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <CDADescriptor> <DataSources> <Connection id="fusion_test" type="sql.jndi"> <Jndi>dbconnection1</Jndi> </Connection> </DataSources> <DataAccess access="public" cache="true" cacheDuration="3600" connection="fusion_test" id="fusion_test" type="sql"> <Parameters/> <Query>select month,sales,year from temp_fusion </Query> </DataAccess> </CDADescriptor> my xfusion file is as per below cdaName=MSColumnChart3D.cda cdaDataAccessId=2 chartTitle=Sales Per year xAxisName=Years yAxisName=Sales chartType=MSColumn3D categoriesColor=FF654F;F6BD0F;8BBA00 height=200 width=500 free=true Please any one guide me how to generate the multi series Dashboard with Fusion. Thanks. Pranav