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  1. Export Chart Method For Fusion Widgets

    Congratulations on the new release. This does not solve my problem though.
  2. Export Chart Method For Fusion Widgets

    The chart is fully rendered. We are able to save it using the right click menu on the chart. exportChart() works for fusion charts but it does not work for fusion widgets.
  3. We were able to implement the chart.exportChart() method for Fusion Charts but we are unable to do so for Fusion Widgets. The APIs exposed for Fusion Widgets say that exportChart is a valid method, however this method is not visible when we step through and view in a debugger (like firebug) API : http://docs.fusionch...nts/JS_API.html Javascript returns an error that says "exportChart" is not a method of the Fusion Widgets object. P.S. We are working with Funnel.swf Also, this is because we want to do a strictly server side export.