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  1. HLinearGauge + PHP + MySQL

    I am also looking for the same. Thanks!
  2. Charts on Blackberry

    Hello, I need help in making charts available on blackberry browsers. I am expecting the blackberry to have a JS support. But I would like the flash files to be shown as images with no animation rather than flash charts. Is it possible with Fusion Charts and PHP -Dhruv Shukla
  3. Xml invalid

    With the debugger option it works fine... But without it, it sometimes raises an error. -Dhruv
  4. Xml invalid

    How do we set that!
  5. Xml invalid

    Please help me .... Please comment on this if more info is required!!
  6. Xml invalid

    Hello All, I am having a serious problem and need to get it fixed asap. I have 1.php and 2.php page which generates XML for fusion charts. The main.php page calls fusion charts using scripts and the gives them the php page as reference. But sometimes on refresh the chart says XML not valid. The 1.php chart is autorefreshed every 5 mins by setting timeout for that chart and this gives a problem on every refresh. -Dhruv Shukla
  7. Use links as javascript

    Hello All, I have a simple Q to set links in my donuts chart, I want to set links for each items in the chart along with a link for the whole chart. I tried it but the whole chart link suppressed the item links. Could you please help me. -Dhruv Shukla
  8. Use Full name not ID

    Pallav, Here is the snippet of my code [map showcanvasborder=0" usesnameinlabels="0" bordercolor="FFFFFF" connectorcolor="000000" fillalpha="80" showbevel="0" legendbordercolor="F1f1f1" hovercolor="FFFFFF" legendposition="bottom] [entity id=Colorado" value="200] [entity id=Texas" value="10] [entity id=New York" value="150] -Dhruv
  9. Use Full name not ID

    Pallav, Thanks for your reply, But still I am not able to set my entity with the state name. Here is the snippet of my code -Dhruv
  10. Hello, I am developing an XML file using some script. Is there any way I could Integrate MSCOLUMN2D and DONUT3D each with their own XML files into one chart or Flash file and an item-click on any of these would change both of them based on the item they click without contacting the server. Like the one in the USA MAP example. -Dhruv
  11. Use Full name not ID

    No, I am using php to generate my XML.
  12. Use Full name not ID

    Hello, Is there any way in Fusion Maps to use Full names like NEW YORK TEXAS in USA map for entity tab instead of specified internal attributes like 'NY' or 'TX'. -Dhruv