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  1. We are using FusionMaps V3 build in our application, we want to plot all the world countries in our application. We found that FusionMaps V3 does not have some of world countries(Ex :Aamerican Samoa, Aruba, Bermuda, Maldives, etc..). Can we have the updated world map swf file which is having all the world countries.
  2. We are using FusionMaps V3 in our web application. We don't see zoom in and zoom out feature in FusionMapsV3, Could you please assist me how to do zoom in and zoom out by using FusionMaps V3 API. We tried to zoom in and zoom out using embedded flash movie, but the zooming effect is applying in the data labels and legend too which we don't want. Could please inform me how we can achieve this.