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  1. Hi i using FusionCharts V3, i made a Scroll Bar using ScrollColumn2D.swf , but in some cases the "bars o columns" have a "correct" width. But when i have just one "bar o column" their are very widest i want to especify one width for all the columns o bars. That all have the same width and this not vary when just are one o more.. Does anybody know how to make that..? Thanks for your help. (Sorry for my english)
  2. Hi i have the same error but i resolve when i include the "FusionCharts.js" verify that the "url" o "src" to the FusionCharts.js is ok... in my case i put this in my JSP: and i can render the chart.. Saludos. Pablo.
  3. Hi every body! I made a bar chart using "FusionCharts V3 Trial Version" i use the "class com.infosoftglobal.fusioncharts.FusionChartsCreator" my chart was create ok, i can see ok the chart with the values that i put on the XML. For create the chart i use the class constructor: FusionChartsCreator.createChart When i had read the documentation i understand that with that class i have not problem for render the chart when i use Explorer , in effect i dont have problems for render i can see all ok.. in FireFox is equal i saw all ok! But when i construct the xml i defined a "link" with a call of one Function JavaScript , i put some like: link="javaScript:toDesc(val)", where "val" is a value of a ResultSet. Note: i create a JSP whose name is EjemploChart.jsp when i call the JSP (EjemploChart.jsp) the chart is render on FireFox i saw ok the "bar" chart , when i made click on a bar my javascript function was called..if i call the same JSP in Explorer i have the same result, i.e the chart is render ok and i can make click in a bar for call the javascript function, this work ok! If i put that JSP in a Iframe in Mozilla run ok.. but in Explorer i can