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  1. vLine attributes

    I have added a tag to my tag and was wondering if there was a way I could label it and have it show between two x axis labels. For instance my x axis has the months and I want to put a tag in to show a major milestone between October and November and want it to show like this: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Kickoff Nov Dec The actual tag will not have a value.Thanks.
  2. I have many viewers who do not yet have Flash Player 9 and instead of them having to manually go to the Adobe site I would rather the chart show something and update automatically or prompt the user if needed, similar to how it was when the object tag was used. I currently use V3 with the Javascript code to get rid of the "click here to activate" tool tip and on a PHP page.
  3. I have a chart I would like to determine the background color with a specific variable passed from somewhere else but I am not able to do it very efficiently in the current program. What I have is a Webspeed program which then is read by a PHP program which is then put into the chart on a PHP page. The actual XML is determine in the Webspeed program and I would like to determine the color in the PHP program after the XML is formatted and ready to be read by the chart. Any suggestions?
  4. I have since figured this out, thanks. I used the clickUrl='f- theurl.php'. Worked great
  5. Simple PHP+MySQL charts

    Here are a sample of code I have written to get my charts to populate.This is a simple 2D pie chart with v3 charts. There are two seperate files, one is a data file and the other displays the chart and other html items on the viewable page. What this code is from is the data file. Hope it helps you out. <?php session_start(); // used to start a session for security reasons include ('login.php'); // security files include ('names.php'); //misc files include './includes/Connection_'.$conn.'.php'; // connection file with functions include './includes/chart_colors.php'; // get the variables posted in the page form; prepend 'r_' to them import_request_variables("gp", "r_"); $date = date("m/d/y"); // get the customer data // query the MySQL database $query = "SELECT SUM((qty_ord - qty_ship) * line_price) as sales, reason_code, reason_group, reason_name FROM sales_late_orders WHERE closed = 'no' GROUP BY reason_group, reason_name"; // result of the query $result = db_query($query, $DBLink) or die ('Error: Cannot get Data!'); // generate the XML for the chart $strXML = "<graph caption='Late Orders by Reason ".$date."' useRoundEdges='1' chartLeftMargin='0' chartRightMargin='5' chartTopMargin='0' chartBottomMargin='0' decimalPrecision='0' showPercentageValues='0' showNames='1' rotateNames='1' numberPrefix='".$symbol."' showPercentageInLabel='0' canvasBgColor='FFFFFF,".$_GET["daColor"]."' canvasBgAngle='270' canvasBgAlpha='90' bgColor='".$strColor[10]."' showAlternateHGridColor='0' showBorder='0' baseFontSize='12' baseFontColor='".$strColor[8]."'>"; // connection settings for other servers if ($hostname == "") { switch ($cCo) { case "csgc": $file = "csgc/"; break; case "ucl": $file = "csgw/"; break; } } // as long as there is a result in the row (function called out in the connection file) it will keep doing the loop while ($row = db_fetch_assoc($result)){ // append the data if ($row["reason_code"] == 0){ $reason = "Unassigned"; } else { if ($row["reason_group"] == $row["reason_name"]) { $reason = $row["reason_group"]; } else { $reason = $row["reason_group"]." - ".$row["reason_name"]; } } $htmlLink = "[url][u]http://".$hostname."/cgi-bin/wspd_cgi.sh/WService=ws".$broker."/dash/".$file."reason1.html?cReason=".$row["reason_code"][/u][/url]; $strXML = $strXML."<set value='".$row["sales"]."' name='".$reason."' link='".$htmlLink."' />"; } // close tags // concatenate to form the whole XML document $strXML = $strXML; $strXML = $strXML."</graph>"; // output the data echo($strXML); ?>
  6. Currently I have 8 charts on one PHP page. Each one of the charts is located in an IFRAME. When I click the chart I would like the click event to cancel the other IFRAMEs and display in the current window. I have it set up now to open in a new tab/window but it is not very user friendly. Thanks.
  7. yAxisMinValue and Column Width

    As stated before I understand how to resize the chart, what I want to do is remove the white space around the chart. I have set the margins to 0, removed all the extra text on the outside and now just have the chart itself. I want to make the chart fit within the ouline on the image below.
  8. yAxisMinValue and Column Width

    I did figure it out, in 2.3 its <graph showLimits='0' > setting. Now I am trying to figure out how to make the chart take up the whole player area. Now the chart is say 125px x 100px and the player is about 175px x 150px. I would like the extra 25px of white space on each side to be chart and still keep the same size. Any ideas on that?
  9. yAxisMinValue and Column Width

    Ok I tried this and it did not work for me, here is what I have so far. $strXML = "<graph numberPrefix='$' showNames='0' showValues='0' showLegend='0' showDivLineValue='0' showYAxisValues='0' canvasBgColor='".$daColor."'>": Sorry, I think I failed to mention I am using version 2.3 not 3.0 if this makes a difference. If this doesn't work then is there a way to export it to a .png or .jpg file? Also, the size of the chart was not by question it was the size of the column on the chart. Say I have a chart that is 200px x 150px. I would like to have the columns more wide than narrow without changing the size of the chart.
  10. yAxisMinValue and Column Width

    I am fairly new to Fusion Charts and the 10 charts I have developed I want to display several on a main .php page in a smaller format (thumbnail per say) still with the functionality of the larger chart they would link to. The problem I have is I want only a few items on the chart. I have removed all of the chart labels with the exception of the yAxisMin and Max values. Is there a way to remove those values? Secondly, would like to change the width of the column on the chart. In the image below the top one is the Fusion chart and the other is a JFreeChart converted to a .png format. Thanks