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  1. Hi, Follwoing is the code I used for showing Japanese Chnaracters in Fusionchart. (My XML contains Japanese characters) OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream(); outs.write( new byte[]{(byte)0xEF, (byte)0xBB, (byte)0xBF} ); out.write(xmlDoc.getBytes()); out.flush(); out.close(); Also Tried follwoign one PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(response.getOutputStream(), true, "UTF-8"); ps.print(new byte[]{(byte)0xEF, (byte)0xBB, (byte)0xBF}); ps.println(xmlDoc); ps.close(); for these 2 code the result is coming as the "pict1.jsp" chart. Now I tried in stanalone HTML file using ASCII code for the japanese characters (amp;#24215;amp;#33303; is correspondind ASCII code for my Japanese character). This gives me the "pict2.jsp" chart In both the cases the actual japanese character is not showing. please advice me further for fixing this issue.
  2. Japanese Language In Fusionchart

    Hi, After some try we got it working. below code works fine. response.setContentType("text/xml; characterset=utf-8"); response.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8"); OutputStream outs = response.getOutputStream(); outs.write( new byte[]{(byte)0xEF, (byte)0xBB, (byte)0xBF} ); outs.write(xmlDoc.getBytes("UTF-8")); outs.flush(); Apart from putting outs.write( new byte[]{(byte)0xEF, (byte)0xBB, (byte)0xBF} ); as mentioned in fusion code sample (thanks to Angshu for the link), need to mention "UTF-8" for the getBytes() method. It worked fine after that.
  3. Japanese Language In Fusionchart

    Thanks Angshu for the example, will try it and let you konw.
  4. Japanese Language In Fusionchart

    Hi Angshu, Thanks for ur quick response. I didnt expect ur reply that fast (Still i was editing my post) Actually if you see the my first code sinpet i was using exactly the idea given in the url "http://docs.fusionch...ars/SpChar.html" you mentioned. But still it didnt work.