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  1. [Bullet Chart] Tick Values

    So not possible then?
  2. Character Encoding / Special Characters Issue

    Ignore this, I just found the documentation on using special charcters. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to use different numberPrefix characters in my chart but there's an issue with flash displaying the character correctly (see attached) Both my html and xml are set to use UTF-8. I don't have the source code for the flash so I don't know what it's using. Is there any way this can be set in a parameter? Thanks.
  4. [Bullet Chart] Tick Values

    Hi Angshu. I've attached a screenshot of what I mean. No worries if it's not possible. I bought a licence this morning anyway as it was decided your widgets were closest to what we needed of all that we looked at. The xml code of the colorRange, for reference: <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='5000' code='333333' /> <color minValue='5000' maxValue='10000' code='666666' /> <color minValue='10000' maxValue='20000' code='999999' /> <color minValue='20000' maxValue='40000' code='cccccc' /> <color minValue='40000' maxValue='75000' code='ffffff' /> </colorRange> So, ideally the major ticks will line up with the maxValue's.
  5. Hi. I was just wondering if it was possible to have the tick marks/values match the colorRange maxvalues. For example, if I had 5 color tags, whose maxvalues were at irregular intervals, could the major ticks be made to line up with the end of each range? Your help is much appreciated.