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  1. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    Hi, can we do anything?
  2. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    Any idea of what can we do? It is strange, because the adaptiveymin sometimes calculates the ymin values 1 or 2 units bellow the minimum value of the series, and sometimes up to 20 units bellow. How does Fusioncharts calculate that ymin? Kind regards.
  3. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    The problem is that if I use yaxisMinValue and yaxisMaxValue then when I zoom in on the graph the y axis doesn't automatically adapt to the zoomed zone (I use dynamicAxis), so the zoom isn't much useful.
  4. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    Hello, is the file I sent ok?
  5. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    Here a sample xml. Thank you testFile.txt
  6. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    I think that's an issue that has no relation with setdynamicaxes, but with the auto calculation of the limits in relation with the data. The setAdaptiveYMin attribute is set to 1.
  7. Zoomline Y Axis Limits

    Hello, we use the zoomline chart and we are having problems with the y axis limits when using the dynamicAxis feature. As you can see in the 5series attached file we are printing 5 series. It uses 90 and 50 as the y axis limits, with a distance of more than 15 from the lower point to the lower limit. In the second file we have only passed the 3 central series. As you can see the limits adjust much better to the graphic. We would like to know why this happens, cause we would like the limits to be like on this 3 series graph, adjustong as much as posible to the lower and higher points of the series. Thank you in advance.
  8. Problem In Getting Chart Attributes

    I've finally solved the problem. It was because of something wrong on the start of the text sent back from the php file: header('Content-type: text/xml'); echo pack ( "C3" , 0xef, 0xbb, 0xbf ); print $FC->getXML(); I removed that 2 first lines and then it was able to get the attributes from the chart. I don't even remember what were tohse lines for. Thank you very much.
  9. Hello everybody, we have been using fusioncharts for 1 year. We Use the zoomline graph to display historic values of some phisical magnitudes, and we obtain them from a mysql database. To do that we use the setDataURL method, and in the php file that provide the data we use the PHP class library. We set the params of the chart using $FC->setChartParams and finally print out the data with print $FC->getXML(); Everything is ok, but now we'd like to be able to modify the attributes of the chart, and before doing that we would need to get some of the attributes of an already printed graph. To do this we use the getChartAttribute() function. For example(in javascript): var ymax = FusionCharts('myChartId').getChartAttribute('yAxisMaxValue'); The problem is that after the call the variable value remains 'undefined'. If we pass the data using setXMLData("<chart caption='Sales Chart'><set label='A' value='10' /><set label='B' value='11' />......... like in the example in the documentation it works fine. Can we do what we want to? Are we doing something wrong? Thank you in advance