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  1. Javascript Rendering Broken

    I've done further testing, and can confirm the following: My code is fine - it is not being conlicted with in any way Your code is broken - it does not auto-load HC.js properly and returns a 404 in my server so I have to do it manually Your code is broken - it does not render the bars in a bar chart but just the tops. No CSS conflicts as far as I can tell as I tried turning all extra CSS and JS off. This is using @version fusioncharts/3.2.2-servicerelease1.4200
  2. Ipad Colors Not Painted In Fusionchat Xt

    Hi, I can confirm that the iPad colours are not painted in @version fusioncharts/3.2.2-servicerelease1.4200 The exact same problem has been reported here:
  3. Javascript Rendering Broken

    Sorry, is it possible for you to look at the rendering and figure out what's missing? Maybe there is a conflict somewhere?
  4. Javascript Rendering Broken

    Hi, OK, thanks. Please see attached file. It is not XML code but it is JSON, which is what I'm using. Cheers javascript render bug.txt
  5. Linking To Fusioncharts.js When On Cdn

    I had exactly the same issue, but loaded the JS dynamically myself in my own script if there is no Flash handler. I have what I hope is an unrelated issue in another post on this forum where the bars don't show. FusionCharts needs to get their Javascript sorted out. I highly recommend they provide a jQuery-based version.
  6. Javascript Rendering Broken

    It is broken - there are no bars or lines showing. Try turning Flash back on and see the difference. See attached screenshots to see the difference. I have attached Flash and a Javascript screenshot of the same graph so that you can see the exact issue.
  7. To recreate the issue: Disable Flash See Click on a school in the list next to the map You should see a map load in the school profile in the right hand side of the site but no Chart bars are displayed Reference it with the Flash version by turning flash on. Please take a look and let me know what could be wrong.