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  1. Color For Numbersuffix Font

    Hi, How to change the font color for numbersuffix in xml for ledgauge chart? Thanks, Pavan
  2. Led Gauge Round Border

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am trying to make my LED GAUGE bit more attractive where i am facing problem in applying the settings. 1) Is it possible to use iamge instead of color for GUAGE because i want two different appearance for LED and GUAGE. 2) If image is not possible then can I use gradient in GUAGE or glassy effect? Thanks, Pavan
  3. Led Gauge Round Border

    Hi, I am using LED GAUGE fusion chart . It looks like rectangular box. I want the corner of the LED GAUGE to be rounded. I could not find any property or setting for this. Can anyone tell me how can I achieve this through XML file. Thanks in advance, Pavan