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  1. XML Issue FussionChartsIS

    i've solved my question... the trendlines will not to be draw if the trendline lower value it's lower than the lowest dataset value... i guess you understand what i wrote... It's normal? i think no... the trendline should be drawn... it's a bug? i think yes... Any help?
  2. XML Issue FussionChartsIS

    Hi, i'm working with the FCIS 2.3v, when i try to load this xml code i can see the dataset on the chart but the chart not draw the trendlines... any help? <chart showShadow='1' shadowColor='999999' shadowAlpha='20' shadowXShift='5' showAlternateVGridColor='1' alternateVGridColor='336699' alternateVGridAlpha='5' shadowYShift='5' connectNullData='1' lineDashGap='6' bgColor='f8f8f8' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderColor='000000' canvasBgColor='f8f8f8' yAxisMaxValue='40' hovercapbg='FFECAA' hovercapborder='F47E00' formatNumberScale='1' decimalPrecision='2' divLineDecimalPrecision='0' limitsDecimalPrecision='0' numdivlines='5' numVDivLines='40' numDisplaySets='150' divLineColor='cccccc' vDivLineColor='cccccc' chartLeftMargin='0' chartRighttMargin='0' baseFontColor='000000' numberSuffix='%B0' rotateNames='1' hoverCapBgColor='f8f8f8' hoverCapBorderColor='cccccc' baseFontSize='9' zeroPlaneShowBorder='0' refreshInterval='0' showAnchors='1' anchorAlpha='100' lineThickness='1'> <categories> <category name='00:57'/> </categories> <dataset seriesName='S1' color='0000B0' anchorBorderColor='0000B0' anchorBgColor='0000B0' showValues='0'> <set value='-10.00'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='S2' color='F1683C' anchorBorderColor='F1683C' anchorBgColor='F1683C' showValues='0'> <set value='0.00'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='S3' color='2AD62A' anchorBorderColor='2AD62A' anchorBgColor='2AD62A' showValues='0'> <set value='10.00'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='S4' color='DBDC25' anchorBorderColor='DBDC25' anchorBgColor='DBDC25' showValues='0'> <set value='20.00'/> </dataset> <trendLines> <line startValue='12.00' endValue='-20.00' isTrendZone='1' alpha='20' color='FF0000' valueOnRight='1' showOnTop='0' displayvalue='[T1 - test]' thickness='2' /> <line startValue='12.00' endValue='-20.00' isTrendZone='1' alpha='20' color='FF0000' valueOnRight='1' showOnTop='0' displayvalue='[T3 - test]' thickness='2' /> </trendLines> </chart> thanks.
  3. Large data sets Not Charting

    Hi Chad your problem it's in the stored procedure, i guess that you are using a Varchar(N) variable to generate the XML String and with 10-25 records the chart it's work but when you want to diplay 100 records the VARCHAR(N) variable is not too large to store the complete XML String. i use the same method as you... an example... [b] DECLARE @XML_GRAFICO nVARCHAR(max) DECLARE @XML_CATEGORIA nVARCHAR(max) DECLARE @XML_DATASET_1 nVARCHAR(max) DECLARE @XML_DATASET_2 nVARCHAR(max) DECLARE @XML_DATASET_3 nVARCHAR(max) DECLARE @XML_DATASET_4 nVARCHAR(max)[/b] DECLARE @CAMBIO_HORARIO INT SET @CAMBIO_HORARIO = ( SELECT CONVERT( INT , dbo.FN_CONFIGURACION('CAMBIO_HORARIO') ) ) SET @XML_GRAFICO = '' SET @XML_GRAFICO = @XML_GRAFICO + ' SET @XML_GRAFICO = @XML_GRAFICO + 'bgColor=' + '''' + 'f8f8f8' + '''' + ' ' SET @XML_GRAFICO = @XML_GRAFICO + 'canvasBorderThickness=' + '''' + '1' + '''' + ' ' as you can see the '@XML_GRAFICO' variable it is 'nVARCHAR(max)' type, this type let you store a large amount of data and i think that is your problem... your variable maybe it's a VARCHAR(4000)??? bye.