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  1. I would like to load the modules at runtime in my flex application. Is there any way I can communicate between flex application and the loaded swf module. I would be loading the modules using "moduleloader" method. If so can you please get me a sample code?
  2. Hi, "save as image" works fine for the first time but when I try this for the 2nd time (the same graph without refreshing the page) it take me to error 404 page. The error 404 page address is: res://C:WINDOWSsystem32shdoclc.dll/syntax.htm#http://localhost:2950/TAWebconsole/FusionCharts/FusionChartsSave.aspx I have tried setting the imageSaveURL value with both relative & absolute address, but no success. Thanks Rahul
  3. Hi, The area covered in percentages is displayed in the tooltip only. Can we show it in the chart too. Such that while printing the graphs one can see the percentage covered. This is only for Pie and Doughnut graphs. Thanks Rahul