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  1. Alpha transparency issue

    I'm trying to make a dataset in a StackedBar2D transparent but it just turns different shades of grey as I lower its alpha value and it never becomes transparent even when I set alpha = 0. Is there another chart attribute that could be affecting the alpha transparency? Thanks.
  2. numberPrefix & numberSuffix

    I'm trying to do the same thing on a bar chart. If the prefix and suffix cannot be different for each data plot is there any other way to display some text on the chart for each plot? I can do it with the tooltip but I'd rather always have the text visible on the chart instead of having to mouse over a plot to see it. Thanks!
  3. encoding issue

  4. encoding issue

    I've tried to use %26paos; for series and category names on a stacked bar 2D chart to output an apostrophe but it still isn't working. The chart just displays %26paos;. Here's what I have in my PHP code: $FC->addCategory("%26paos;"); Any ideas? Don't know if it matters but I'm using the free version of FusionCharts.