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  1. Hi When I use the methode FusionCharts(chartId).ref.getSVGString() on my AngularGauge, hte result is different when I'm in SVG mode or when in VML mode. In SVG mode, I get this (and it's ok !) <g class="red-pointers-762" transform="matrix(1,0,0,1,95,65)"> <path d="M80,0L80,0L0,5L0,-5Z" fill="#000000" fill-opacity="1" stroke="#999999" stroke-opacity="1" stroke-width="1" style="" transform="matrix(-0.5495,-0.8355,0.8355,-0.5495,0,0)" /> </g> In VML mode, I get this : <g style="" transform="matrix(1,0,0,1,95,65)"> <path d="M0 0" style="" transform="matrix(-0.5495,-0.8355,0.8355,-0.5495,-1.071,-3.5775)" /> </g> So my pointer is lost when rendering this SVG... Have you any idea to resolve this problem ? My FusionCharts version is 3.3.1 SR3 The browser used for VML mode is Internet Explorer 8
  2. Tooltip And Label : Bug Colors With Chrome

    I found the way to get a FusionCharts tooltip with a blue background : set the parameter of the graphic card to 16 bits instead of 32 bits.
  3. Tooltip And Label : Bug Colors With Chrome

    Thank you for the response ! I tried the last version of fusioncharts XT but it's the same problem with Chrome...
  4. Tooltip And Label : Bug Colors With Chrome

    I would have expected an answer :-( Could someone help me ?
  5. Xsd Questions

    I would have expected an answer :-( Could someone help me ?
  6. I've got differences of colors for my chart in these cases : - Adobe Flash, Chrome - Adobe Flash, Windows Seven, Firefox 3.6 My tooltip and my y-axis labels colors & background colors are blue. swf : MSStackedColumn2DLineDY version of swf : 3.2.0
  7. Xsd Questions

    Hi ! I tried to generate Java classes from FC XT xsd files with Jaxb maven plugin and I've got some problems : - all xsd files are independant so it's impossible to generate the xsd in same package : the "chart" tag from each FC chart have a lot of common attributes, why does it not exist a common tag for those ? - for some charts, the "XAxisNameWidth" seems to be duplicated (only the first character's case is different) => impossible to generate the java class unless I delete one of both, - for some charts, in Java, I've got two Chart.Dataset object in same class => not abled to generate the *.jar file. Best regards Florian.
  8. Radar Chart with Logarithmic Scale

    I'd like to set a Logarithmic Scale in my Radar Chart, like in Logarithmic charts in Power Charts (Logarithmic Column 2D Chart & Logarithmic Line 2D Chart). Have you got any solutions ?
  9. encoding problem

    Hi, I have an encoding problem (with euro symbol and accents) in Linux/ JBoss (Tomcat 5.x / JVM 1.5). My FusionCharts Flash Object is rendered with the "dataURL" method (the flow has an xml content, posted by my server) I tried a lot of strategies : - encoding the XML flow in ISO-8859-15 : it's ok in windows because this OS use CP-1252 instead of my ISO-8859-15 (so we see it's ok in ISO-8859-15, but in fact it's CP-1252 encoded :-( ) - encoding the XML flow in UTF-8 : it's not ok in windows ... I added filtering of url in web.xml (that forces the encoding of my choice), but nothing changed :-( I also tried to re-encode my source files (that build the XML flow), no success this way... Could you help me to find a "all OS, all servers working" solution ? thank you Florian.
  10. can i create my chart like this one (created with jfreechart) ? I used a Column2D but zeroplan appears only when there's negative values ... (less than 0) I'd like to change it in order to set the splitting value to 1000 instead of 0...
  11. Problem encoding euro symbol in chart

    Hi I forced my String to be encoded in ISO-8859-15 , and now it's OK new String(myXmlString.getBytes(), "ISO-8859-15") myXmlString contains this attribute written like that : "numberSuffix='
  12. Problem encoding euro symbol in chart

    thanks for the response but unfortunately i even read and tried this solution... it seems to be an encoding problem in the httpservletresponse but i'm not sure... When the XML datas are in a physical file, the "dataURL" render the euro symbol, but when it's an URL , this symbol is not rendered
  13. Problem encoding euro symbol in chart

    I'm using embed tag to generate my chart. attribute dataurl has an url which generate a XML. (dataurl =/HvsCeg2008.1.004/chart/typechartdispatcher.do?prjref=5bb80bf6-b826-417c-b990-3a4302178e7f&_cancelToken=true&chartId=resultsChartId&chartType=MSCombiDY2D&width=665&height=170&imgType=swf) all my characters are correctly rendered (even accents such